#HelloBabybox from Babylist

I decided to do my registry through Babylist simply because it allows people different buying options and it was just really easy for me to use. When someone buys something from the babylist store off your registry you qualify for getting a babybox. It’s not a subscription box but just a one time box that you do have to pay shipping for (I think $5.99). So I thought I would just share with you what was in my box so you can decided (if you use babylist and get eligible for the box) If you want it or not.

I got some samples, these were the most notable ones. I also got a bunch of coupons which is expected. I will be using them to see if I like them although I already know I love the Palmer’s massage lotion

I am really grateful for the diapers since I know I will be going through so many, even if there are only a couple it does help to find out which ones I like and what to eventually keep using. I do also like the detergent, it’s something I haven’t really thought about but realize I should as baby could be sensitive to certain things. Also, love the wet wipes as I have been looking into the honest brand and want to know how good they are.

Someone has already gotten me bottles from my registry but I still appreciate the bottles, I do not have any pacifiers though so that’s very nice. They are also so cute! I do like the formula too.

Did you know that Burt Bees made baby things? I didn’t. This is just a plain white onesie but it’s so cute and simple. I didn’t expect there to be clothes in the box and I don’t mind that it’s plain because they don’t know the gender of my child or what I would like them dressed in.

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