Shein Maternity Clothing Haul

So I don’t like that I had to resort to shopping at Shein for my maternity clothes, but I couldn’t find affordable maternity clothes anywhere. I’ve checked all my local thrift stores and I couldn’t find anything in my size. I then went on Thread up but they are pretty limited in my size and most of the items just didn’t appeal to me. Checking other stores I just couldn’t rationalize spending $50+ for a pair of maternity leggings not to mention anything else I needed, you would think that since having a kid is fairly pricey they would give a little bit of a break in terms of price.

Oh well.

Anyway enjoy the haul! I will note that not all of what I purchased is pictured so I’ll put those links at the bottom so you can still check them out.

Double V Neck sleeveless Dress – I’ve never been one for maxi dresses but with summer coming up I decided to get one and try it out. It is a little long (I’m 5’5) but it’s actually extremely comfortable which is what I need right now. Plus, the color is so pretty .

Rainbow Stripped Body Con Dress – This is so cute and comfortable. I was worried it would be a little short but I actually do not mind the length

Square Neck Solid Dress – This is such a pretty green! It looks a little dressy, but I don’t mind that as I have nothing like it on my closet that can fit my bump. I think I should have sized down, because it’s a little big on the bust and I can but it on without unzipping the size zipper.

Daisy Floral Print Bodycon Dress (Navy blue) – I think this may be my favorite of everything I got. It’s sooooooo soft and just fits perfectly

Houndstooth Scoop Neck Tank Top – This is cute but nothing too great, just a tank top since I am always so HOT!

Floral Prink Cami Top – This is so pretty and lightweight but I should have sized down because it’s a little big, but no big deal. I also like that you adjust the straps on the top.

Mesh insert Leggings – This are cute and I like the little mesh inserts at the bottom, almost makes me feel like I’m wearing normal pants

Wrap Front solid bra – I also should have sized down on this as it looks like a crop top on my rather than a bra, but the material is super soft and I don’t mind it being a little big.

Leaf Print Button Front Clasp Nursing Bra – This is a comfortable bra, while I wish I was able to undo just the cups the front clasps make it very easy to take off and put back on.

Button Front Contrast Mesh Nursing Bra – You can open each individual cup which should make it easier when I have to nurse when the baby comes. It also looks very pretty and a bit sexy. The one problem I have with it is that it clasps in the back with 5 wire clasps which make it a bit of a pain to put on.

Not shown Links
Maternity Solid Nursing Cami Top
Shein Basics Maternity Twist Hem Solid Tank Top
Shein Basics Maternity High Waist Tank Jumpsuit
Rib Lace Panty – Grey/Cadet Blue
Solid Elastic Stirrup Leggings
Allover Heart Print Smock Dress
Basics Adjustable waist Leggings
Lace Trim Panty
Letter Waist Slogan Graphic Leggings
Cartoon Graphic Panty
Button Front Plain Pants
Elastic Waist Solid Leggings

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