Life Update


So sort of fell off the face of the world, which was not something I was planning on. I just wanted to take a small break during the holidays but then life got in the way. I had multiple blog posts and ideas to be written and I was optimistic. I had a Trello set up as well as my excel sheet and I was super excited and felt so very organized.

At the end of December, I started to get sick. I thought that I had gotten food poisoning, but after a couple of days and it didn’t go away it started to worry. I was going to set up a doctor’s appointment, but something my mother said made me do something else. I bought a pregnancy test.

It turned out to be positive.

You would think that since I knew what was finally going on in my body that would mean that I could go back to normal. Well no. This pregnancy has been so hard to get through, I’ve had some complications. I lost a dangerous amount of weight, to the point I had to be hospitalized. I may also have to have surgery in the next couple of months but we have to see how that goes.

Currently, I am 25 weeks and just ending my second trimester, the doctors say that I should start feeling better soon which I am hoping but we will see. I am going to be updating again so hopefully you should start seeing reviews soon! 

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