Wellness Wednesday

So I woke up this morning just feel lousy. I had no motivation to do anything and really just wanted to stay in bed and be lazy. I know my last post was me just talking about not doing anything to recharge and now your hearing out about how I don’t want to do anything again. I guess I’m just writing this to let you know that it’s okay for that to happen. Our society pressures us to keep moving, to constantly have something to do because if we don’t we are seen as lazy and worthless.

I am not lazy and I am not worthless. It’s okay to have those days where you wake up, stare at the ceiling for a couple of minutes, and just not want to do anything. I ended up getting up because I have pets and they need their food and to be let outside. I’ll see how the day goes, and just take things as they come.

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This is Kimberly, She is from Southern California, but has recently moved to Idaho. She has a moody cat named Mordechai, A Rambunctious Dog named Tesla, a crazy cat named Cheeto and a new puppy named Auri. She writes about everything and anything

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