Another Lingerie Haul? Lounge underwear

Yes, I know another lingerie haul!? Well, I need it. I recently went through and just threw away all the underwear that didn’t fit and were old. It was something I had to do for a long time, but haven’t got to it because I knew that whatever I threw away I would need to replace and at the time I was not able to do it.

So I saw a couple of videos and advertisements for Lounge Underwear but was weary of it because I didn’t know anything about them, and I knew they were an international company and I needed my undies NOW!!! I am so glad I did decide to order from them because *Spoiler Alert* I love them! So while not the most affordable I got most of the stuff I ordered on sale and considering what other companies charge for just a bra buying a set for $50 isn’t that bad. I purchased mostly bralets because I am on the smaller side when it comes to bra size so I wouldn’t need as much support as someone who has a larger bust, but this company does have bras that go all the way up to G so keep that in mind.

This Black Mesh Bra & Briefs was the most expensive thing I purchased at $50 but I love them. The fabric part is so soft and feels amazing and the mesh is fine but not fragile so I as long as I take care of them I think they have longevity. Despite this being briefs and a bralette being more coverage the mesh gives it a sexy feel to them which I love. I also think this would be pretty good for bigger busts as it has more coverage and fabric to support.

The mesh on this Black Mesh Triangle Bra & Thong is the same as the mesh on the previous set which I love because it feels so high quality. The price of these were $25.50 (on sale from $37), which is such a great price..

This Red heart Mesh Triangle Bra & Thong was also on sale for $25.50 (on sale from $37) this is so pretty and I kind of wish that I had it for my anniversary. Like the others this was so pretty and while it looks delicate it’s very high quality.

Khaki essential bralet & thong was purchased full price of $37 and I love them! The fabric is so soft and hubs me very well. I will say this definitely is not great if you have a larger bust, while I love it for myself the bralette there just isn’t enough fabric to support anyone who wanted support.

So, this Lilac Seamless Mesh Thong is my least liked item. I think it has to do with the seamless part. While it looks lovely it doesn’t feel as high quality as the other items I got. I did also get this on sale for $10 so it’s a good deal but had I paid the full price of $20 I would have been disappointed. I just think seamless isn’t for me

This Mint Seamless Barely There Cheeky Briefs are so cute and makes me feel so cute that I wish I got a bra to match because it just makes me feel so sexy and girlie. This was $10 (on sale for $20) and I should have bought it in all the colors that it had

I also got a dryer bag because this needs to be taken care of and it was only $4. One other thing I love is that the packaging is made from recycled plastic and encourages you to recycle as well. So there is one thing I don’t like and that is the word Lounge on the 3/4 sets I bought. I knew it was there when I purchased but I feel that it would be so much better if it didn’t have it on the items.

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