Updated Pan Project

So a lot of the items I was using for my pan project has either been broken because I’m clumsy, disposed of because it just didn’t work for me, or actually used up! I did break it up into lips, face, and eyes but I won’t do that this time. This is only to show you what I currently use now in replace of the other ones, and also to show some of the progress I have been making. I haven’t been using my lip products too much mostly because I split my lip recently so it has been painful and I don’t want to wear a mask with lip product on my face so there is not too much on that front.

First of all, the Urban decay naked 3 palette I was using fell and broke. I really liked that palette but I wasn’t too heart broken because it was a bit old. So, I am now currently using Etude Blend 4 eyes quad palette. The quad palette is very light-weight and the colors are perfect for everyday wear. Also, the colors are just different enough to where I can have different looks.

I was using the Maybelline Fit me! Matte+Poreless Foundation but it just didn’t fit me color-wise. It was slightly too tan, and since I haven’t been going out and getting those sunny rays I knew this just wasn’t for me so now I use my Missha Magic Cushion and I pretty much love it.

I’ve been using my NYX Dew me up Honey pretty consistently so much so that you can actually see the difference. It was pretty much full the last time I showed it but now it’s down about halfway. I’m excited that I’ve been making headway on it

Pixi Beauty Bronzer also broke when I knocked over the Urban decay naked palette. This I did mourn for since I absolutely loved the bronzer, it was my go to bronzer that I always use. Now I use ModelCo’s Shimmer Bronzing Powder I haven’t used it too much yet to see if I love it more than Pixi’ bronzer but so far it’s not too bad.

Another item that got broken and crushed my soul was Physicians Formula Super CC Care Color Correction pressed powder. This one broke my heart and I am super upset because I really liked using this powder! I just pushed it out of my mind because I already lost two other great products and well I was going to have a complete cow if I let it get to me. I did have this Bare Minerals Loose original mineral veil so I decided start using that. This will take me a long time to get through because I actually don’t use too much of it.

I’ve also been making really good progress on Katherine Natural Cosmetics Sienna’s girl highlighter. I really like this highlighter and will miss it when it’s gone, but I also can wait to try other highlighters. I’ve never been a big highlighter fan but when you use it with a light hand it can really enhance your face.

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This is Kimberly, She is from Southern California, but has recently moved to Idaho. She has a moody cat named Mordechai, A Rambunctious Dog named Tesla, a crazy cat named Cheeto and a new puppy named Auri. She writes about everything and anything

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