Beauty Review: Missha – Magic Cushion Cover

Before we move onto the review I just wanted to let you know a change of schedule with my posting, I will now start posting Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. This is so I won’t stress when I don’t post anymore and 3 days is good to start transitioning back to posting regularly.

Anyway on to the actual post.

So earlier this year I made a purchase through stylevana and this beauty was in the haul. I’ve heard a lot about Missha products especially their foundations and BB creams so I wanted to try them. I picked up this Missha Magic Cushion Cover because I’ve never actually used a cushion foundation before and really wanted to try one. When I got it I fell in love with the sleek minimal packaging and look of the foundation and I truly hoped it would work well. The shade I got is No.21 which is the lightest they have and I was a little worried it would be too light but I have been in my house not really going out so I realized I didn’t really have to worry.

When you open the compact it has a mirror inside and a little cushion puff you can use to apply to the face. To be honest I haven’t used the puff it comes with since I apply this with a beauty blender but it actually seems like it’s a quality sponge and if I didn’t have my blender with me I can definitely use it again. I like that it also has a little tray that the puff is on that opens to the actual foundation underneath, this way the puff can stay clean.

To use you press the blender or sponge down on the cushion to transfer the foundation, the more you press down the more you can put on the sponge. You can then apply it to your face. The coverage is build-able and has a satin-like dewy finish that I have come to appreciate more as I age. I had no problems applying and blending it around my face. It does a great job covering the redness on my cheeks, and it feels very light to the point that I sometimes don’t realize I am wearing foundation. I also love that it has SPF 50 and at $6.85 (on stylevana) it’s very affordable.

There are two drawbacks to this foundation. I found that it does transfer easy if you don’t wear primer or set your face so be careful. The second is that it only comes in two shades and both are pretty light colors so this does exclude if you have dark skin. This is a problem with most Korean Skincare brands, I wish they were more inclusive when it comes to skin colors. If you know of some brands that do have a wider range let me know!

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