Jelly Friend Honey Bear Silky Skin pearl sheet Mask

Hello Friends!

Like I said before I’m blogging again and I absolutely can’t wait to share with you everything that has happened. Recently, I’ve been getting back into skincare, having to wear a mask irritates my face (BUT I STILL DO IT!!!) so my skincare routine really needed to step up. I’ve been trying to make sure my products focus on reducing redness and irritation. I’m planning on writing a post that explains both my morning and nighttime routine, but right now I want to share with you all a sheet mask I have used recently.

Typically, using sheet masks only give you a temporary effect, since it is a one time use product (unless your using the small mask multiple times a week). However, I still love to use them, mostly because they are amazing for self care and my mental health. I use sheet masks as a well to give myself a little time for relaxation where I can read, plan blog posts, or just lay and snuggle with one of the pets.

Made of a cellulose sheet mask that yields a high absorption rate, this mask is bear-y good at hydrating and nourishing skin. It contains honey jelly which targets three different types of skin concerns. These include: acne– honey is an antibacterial which fights against breakouts; aging– contains antioxidants that help prevent and slow sighs of premature aging; dull skin- known for its soothing and moisturizing features, honey leaves your skin glowing better than any other ingredient out there!

So yesterday I dipped into my mask box and decided to use JellyFRIEN Honey bear silky skin mask. This mask promotes anti-aging, moisturizing, redness reduction, and fights against acne. Each of these things are something I have been trying to fight against, so I was incredibly excited to use the mask and see if it really does do everything it says.

Royal jelly contains natural vitamins and minerals that help increase collagen production. This also helps in preventing premature wrinkles and is great for sensitive skin. Contains aloe which is famous for reducing redness while healing open cuts and five different types of hyaluronic acids that hydrates skin to the max!


The mask was really drenched in essence but unfortunately, there was not much leftover for me to save. Typically, I will save the leftover essence from a mask so I can use it on my face, especially when a mask works really well! The sheet mask itself was a little big on my face which is okay since it just got on my hair a bit, but it doesn’t harm the hair so no worries. The cutouts were surprisingly small on my lips and nose, not sure what this says about my face, but usually sheet masks never go fully over my nose. The eye holes were perfectly fine though!

I wore the mask for around 20 minutes, and it was still wet when I took it off my face. I massaged the essence onto my face, and I was so surprised at how smooth my face felt! the redness was gone, and I saw a bit of reduction in my fine lines around my face. Now I didn’t really have much acne so I couldn’t tell how well it worked in that area, but it delivered on everything else! This mask (for me) is on the affordable size costing around $2.50 on, when I run out of sheet mask I am definitely going to repurchase this one!

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