So 2020 has been a year for many things..

A lot of stuff happened in our world that has been causing a lot of civil unrest and unhappiness.

I almost deleted this account because I didn’t know if I was going to come back.

I wasn’t growing as much as I wanted to on here and I just stopped blogging beauty because I just didn’t know if that is what people wanted. I’ve always tried to keep this blog a positive place and to hopefully uplift others who needed some positivity in their lives but lately I haven’t been feeling very positive.

However, I’ve started to think about it more and more.

This makes me happy ☺️ so why would I stop something that made me happy especially during a time where things look a bit bleak?

Honestly I don’t care about having lots of followers here. I just want to share my life and experiences with everything here with you so, I will! If you want to follow me do so, if you don’t well that’s okay too!!!

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This is Kimberly, She is from Southern California, but has recently moved to Idaho. She has a moody cat named Mordechai, A Rambunctious Dog named Tesla, a crazy cat named Cheeto and a new puppy named Auri. She writes about everything and anything

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