Pan Project; Face

So I’ve already done lips, and Eyes so now it’s time to show you what I am doing on my face. So In case you didn’t know a pan project is meant for you to completely use a product until it’s empty or you see ‘pan’. This is the best time for me to use products because of whole social distancing. It allows for me to use products I may not have on a regular basis.

Maybelline Fit me! Matte+Poreless Foundation I haven’t really used this all that much and I have no idea why. I’ve heard people rave about this so I decided to just do it and use it. I am a little afraid that this will be too dark but if it is I’ll switch and let you all know.

NYX Dew me up Honey It looks like i’ve used this already but I actually haven’t. This is suppose to be a serum and primer together and it is also suppose to combat redness and discoloration, which I have. I really hope I love this.

elf cosmetics concealer. Now I don’t remember buying this as I usually like liquid concealers and stick foundations but I do have this. I decided to use it in hopes that I will like it. One thing is I don’t cake concealer under my eyes I lightly apply, so I think i’ll just use a brush to blend this out.

Benefit Goof proof Brow pencil Now I don’t like doing my eyebrows. I prefer a more natural brow but I thought why not try it out while this whole thing is going on. Whose going to know besides my pets and my husband?

Katherine Natural Cosmetics Sienna’s girl highlighter I got this as a sample from somewhere and I decided what the hell I’m going to use it now. I really like it because it’s not too blinding but you can layer it to get that glam effect if you wanted.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush this was given to me and I haven’t use it up until now mostly because blush scares me. I am very fair skinned and I have redness on my cheeks already due to a skin condition that I don’t want to highlight the redness, but it’s time to get out of my confort zone and use it!

Pixi Beauty Bronzer I am so fair skinned that finding a good bronzer is hard because they are always too dark for me but this is surprisingly perfect.

Physicians Formula Super CC Care Color Correction pressed powder I use this one those days that I want an extra matte finish and my cheeks are just not listening.

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