Wellness Wednesday; Self-Care

There are a lot of things I do to give myself a mental pick me up. I put on a full face of glam make-up even if I’m staying home. I wear my favorite outfits, give myself facials, throw around the ball for Auri. Sometimes I take a nap other times I play a video games.

Some people think that taking time for yourself can be selfish, what I don’t understand is how? Most people spend 40+ hours working or going to school where you are mentally and physically exhausting yourself for other people, why is taking some time out to make sure you take care of yourself wrong? Why must be constantly be doing something for other people?

The moral of this post; take sometime for yourself. It can be 10 mins a day or even an hour just do it!

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This is Kimberly, She is from Southern California, but has recently moved to Idaho. She has a moody cat named Mordechai, A Rambunctious Dog named Tesla, a crazy cat named Cheeto and a new puppy named Auri. She writes about everything and anything

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