Wellness Wednesday #1

So this year I’m trying something different. I don’t want to focus on weight loss but rather just a health and wellness of my body in general. I think for women (and men) when they focus on weight it really affects the state of your mental health and since being diagnosed with depression and finding it runs in my family I have been paying extra attention to my moods.

There are a couple of things I want to try:

  1. Intuitive Eating- I just need to be more conscious of what I am putting into my body and what I eat. I also need to be more focused on how I eat.
  2. Drink more Water – I always say this but I really need to make sure I drink water everyday.
  3. Doing Yoga – yoga really just helps me relax and feel better I need to focus more on doing yoga everyday.
  4. Outdoors – I need to just be outside more. It’s hard in the winter but it really affects my mental health when I just stay inside and act lazy. Even if it’s just going outside and throwing the ball for the dog I need to do it.

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This is Kimberly, She is from Southern California, but has recently moved to Idaho. She has a moody cat named Mordechai, A Rambunctious Dog named Tesla, a crazy cat named Cheeto and a new puppy named Auri. She writes about everything and anything

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