Tips for Thrift shopping

I’ve been thrift shopping since before I could remember. My mother always bought my clothes secondhand and I wore nothing but hand-me-downs for most of my school career. It’s something that seems ingrained in my blood. While, I started out doing it because I could not afford new clothes, I still do it because it’s fun and I love the thrill of finding that affordable “name-brand” item. I thought I would share my knowledge on thrift shopping to help those who have just started or wanted to check it out.

Make sure you have time.
Thrift shopping takes so much time, mostly because you have a lot of stuff you are looking through, so if you think your just going to pop your head in and take a look real quick. Well… I hate to tell you that it’s not going to end up that way. The least amount of time I was in a store was 30 minutes and that was only because a certain husband of mine got bored and I felt bad that I sort of forced him to go. Usually I take at least an hour.

Wear comfortable clothes
Since your going to be there for a while it makes sense to wear clothes (especially shoes) that you are comfortable wearing. If you are going to try on clothing then wear something you can put on or take off quickly (or clothing you can try clothes on over). Shoes are important because your going to be standing for quite a while.

Photo by Allan So from Pexels

Quality over Quantity
Just because the prices are nice doesn’t mean you should get everything that is priced low. Really look at what your getting, and imagine yourself wearing it, now imagine what you have in your closet to match it, then once you do this take another look at the item and ask your self ‘Do I really want this or do I just like the price?’

Inspect the clothes before purchasing
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve purchased what I thought was a deal and then noticed a stain, or a small hole. It’s happened and it will happen and you will just sigh and cry (like I do) because man how did you not notice it before? Well if you take the time to really look at what you have thoroughly then you won’t have this problem. I learned this the hard way so trust me.

Bring Hand Sanitizer
So most thrift stores do not have time to wash what they get in, so I suggest bringing hand sanitizer. You don’t know what the person who had these clothes before hand, had so it’s best to be careful

Wash your clothes before putting them in your closet
Like I stated above, thrift stores get a large amount of stuff and they cannot usually wash the items they get so they just price them and put them directly on the rack. So wash your purchases as soon as you can. For me, I put them directly into the washer after I take them out of the bag.

So I hoped this helps, if you want to see more posts like this leave a comment to let me know!

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This is Kimberly, She is from Southern California, but has recently moved to Idaho. She has a moody cat named Mordechai, A Rambunctious Dog named Tesla, a crazy cat named Cheeto and a new puppy named Auri. She writes about everything and anything

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