Tonymoly Mark Waterproof Gel Liner

I like Gel liners, They usually are easy to use and last longer than liquid does. When I saw this Tonymoly Mark waterproof Gel liner I knew I wanted to buy it, and before you ask yes it is 100% because of the packaging.

What I did not realize and was pleasantly surprised about was that it comes with two brushes. At first I thought they may be different, but they seem exactly the same, but you don’t hear me complaining. Usually I tend to like a more stiffer brush, but this wasn’t so bad to use.

The gel liner applies as a matte black. It’s not as black as I wanted it to be but it still is a pretty dark flat black. It’s smooth to go on but I find I have a hard time trying to do a thin line, this is due to the combination of the brush and the thick formula of the liner. Currently this retails for $6.99 on Stylevana, and it’s very good for the price.

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