Take A Look: BH Cosmetics Supernova Palette

Bh Cosmetics are one of those brands that I trust. I know that whatever I get from them will not only be of a high quality, but affordable as well. I’ve had their Supernova palette for a while, and I can’t believe I haven’t shared with you all how amazing this palette truly is.

There are 18 glittery shades in this palette from light champagnes to vibrant blues and greens to a dark almost black, This palette has everything to make a stunning eye look. Each shadow is deeply pigmented and easily blend-able, which I love. My most favorite colors to use in this palette are Pisces, Aries, and Nebula.

This star-struck selection of super-pigmented, high-shine shades includes moody blues and greens, eye-popping teal and turquoise, plus deep neutrals for definition. The ultra-soft shadows are buildable, blendable and guaranteed to put a sparkle in your eyes. 

Taken from BHcosmetics.com

I do wish that there were some matte in the palette, but the glittery colors are just so pretty that I don’t care. Like most shadows there is some fallout with the glitter. With Primer the shadows last a full work day and do not loose any of their sparkle as the day goes on. The Price is currently $21, but BH Cosmetics Typically have sales so be on the lookout for one of those.

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