Undone Beauty One Touch Eye Powder + Liner Brush

One thing I don’t talk about as much as I should are make up brushes. Brushes are just as, maybe sometimes even more, important than the products you are using. It can make or break a look, which is why I will start to show them a bit more on my blog. Today we look at Undone Beauty’s One Touch Eye Powder + Liner Brush.

The Brush caught my attention due to the unique way it looks, the reason for this is because this brush is not only suppose to help with you spreading eyeshadow over your lids, but help in creating the perfect cat eye.

Why does it take a professional (magician…) to do a perfect cat eye? We undid that with this easy-to-use super-shaped brush.

Precision Outer Eye and Lash Line Definition

Instant, One Touch Cateye

Handcrafted, Patent-Pending Luxury Quality

Soft, Durable Synthetic Fiber

Vegan + Cruelty Free

Love It or It’s Free

Taken from Undone-beauty.com

As a shadow brush, it works really well. The unique shape actually helps with the shape of my eye, and spreads the shadow evenly. However, How is it with making a cat eye? If want a thick line, this brush is perfect as it helps and does actually make it easy to do a cat eye. If your interested in thin lines this may not be the thing for you. I’ve tried the brush with Gel, liquid, and wet shadow and I really like it with the wet shadow the best.

At $8 I wish the brush was cheaper but it is not so expensive that I wouldn’t buy it again if I needed to.

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