Flower Beauty Zoom In Ultimate Mascara

I was really excited for this, a 3-in-1 mascara in which you can customize how you want your lashes to look, sign me up. Alas, now I found a product worthy of being on the Last Chance list, because unlike the other products from Flower Beauty this Zoom In Ultimate Mascara Just fell flat.

The packaging is pretty standard, and I personally do not like things that are packaged to look metalic because all I see are my finger prints and it does not look pretty. Also, the exciting twist design was so hard to use, I couldn’t twist it with my hands, because I could not get a grip, so I had to use my teeth (Do not do this!)

 Flower Beauty Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara is a revolutionary mascara that lets you customize lash volume and length with a unique adjustable brush. Use the first setting to lengthen lashes, twist to the second setting to volumize lashes, twist further to the third setting to curl and lift lashes for a dramatic, eye-opening look. 

Taken for FlowerBeauty.com

I was really excited to see the mascara brush actually twist, I also did see a difference with how the mascara applied but I expected there to be more. More volume, more length, more of an effect. The third option which was suppose to be a curl, didn’t really curl my lashes, Also, the formula is very wet, and made my lashes feel heavy when I was wearing it. One of my eyes is also very sensitive to this mascara, and while it didn’t get irritated or give me an infection it was quite itchy when wearing it.

Maybe I had high hopes for this mascara since their other products work so well, but whatever the case I did not like this. I will probably let my mother try it to see if it will fair better for her.

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