Budget Beauty: elf Nourishing Facial Oil

My skin has pretty much been the bane of my existence since I’ve hit my thirties and it just has been pretty tempermental. This that used to work fantastically either have stopped working or now break my out. Also, my skin cannot seem to decide if it wants to be dry or oily and sometimes it is like I want to be both at the same time. So I am constantly having to switch up my skincare routine because my skin is an asshole.

So affordable skincare is something I really need, good thing I have e.l.f. I love e.l.f. Cosmetics skincare line, it’s affordable, it works and I really feel like they are giving a quality product. So when I saw this Nourishing facial Oil I knew I needed to try it.

While this product is a little on the high end (for them) at $10 it isn’t something that I would call expensive. Plus, if it does what it promises $10 is worth it.

This nourishing facial oil helps to moisturize and nourish the skin with radiance-inducing ingredients like Rose, Avocado, and Grape Seed Oil. Apply a few drops of this oil directly onto your face in the morning or evening, or mix it into your foundation or skincare products for added glow.

Taken from Elfcosmetics.com

A little goes a long way with this product a couple of drops and your pretty much set for your whole face. I typically use this when my face is feeling rather dry, sometimes as a primer when used a foundation. It sinks into the skin fast and it does give that glowiness it boasts about. I will say that if you have oily skin stay away from this, as it may not be your best friend. I don’t always use this all over my face, sometimes I only use it on the dry patches as like I said before My skin is a bitch. I also use this on drier parts of my body, including knees and elbows, plus the heels of my feet for that added hydration.

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