Flower Beauty About Face Foundation

If you read my posts you know all about my Flower Beauty Haul, If you haven’t go read that to see what I got. Now that that is out of the way let’s talk about foundation. I don’t use foundation everyday, but I have been wanting to use it more regularly. When I saw the About Face Foundation on their website I really wanted to try it, at only $5 I felt like I needed to try it.

 This hydrating formula contains antioxidant rich Vitamins C and E to help skin look it’s best. Packaged in a custom glass component, the Flower Beauty About Face Liquid Foundation delivers the perfect amount of product every time. Formulated for smooth, blendable application, it easily builds to your ideal level of coverage with a flawless finish.

Taken from Flowerbeauty.com

With everything Flower Beauty promises I really wanted it to work. At first I was a bit scared because it was very thin and the pump took more than a couple of tries before product came out. The color looked really yellow, and I was worried it wouldn’t match my skin tone, but luckily it did. Unfortunately, it is summer time, so if I get a tan that means that this foundation would make my face paler than the rest of my body so we have to see about that.

I will say that what it promises it delivered, with medium build-able coverage the About Face Foundation was silky and light on my skin without feeling greasy. Once, again it is too bad this is on the last chance sale as I would have repurchased it, especially at this price.

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