Fitness: Downward Dog Yoga App


I’ve been lazy everyone. Not just in a ‘Oh I will do it tomorrow’ kind of lazy but in a ‘Never gonna do it’ kind of lazy. Why? Well Motivation is a big factor, also it’s hot, I work full time and go to school, plus it just takes way too much time for me to do anything. Honestly those are just excuses I keep using and I really need to stop.


I found a way to get some fitness in while still maintaining all of my work. I’ve sort of stumbled upon Downward Dog app. Honest I thought it had to do with real dog before I realized it was a Yoga position (I am just a little slow). I decided to try it out even if it wasn’t about actual dogs or have any pictures of puppies or anything. I am so glad I did too because I really like it. It was super easy to sign up and although you have to be a member ($2.99 a month) to access most of the features, it is worth a try especially if your a beginner. 2016-09-09-00-36-06

I became a member and I was able to set the pace I want, change the difficulty and control the music. Can I just say that I was surprised which the music selection, they have accoustic when your in a soothing mood, or some beats to get your blood pumping. Another reason I paid to be a member was so I could control the length of times, which is anywhere from 10 minutes to 90 minutes depending on your difficulty. 2016-09-07-22-49-58

The Yogi Adrienne Kimberley has a very soothing voice and is very clear with her instruction on each position, if you have trouble following along with verbal instructions the screen will show the positions. I do Yoga before I shower at night as it is very relaxing to my body and helps me sleep.

I recommend this app to anyone who likes their fitness with mobility.

Have any favorite fitness apps?

Five Friday Faves

Hey It’s Friday! You know that means, It’s Five Friday Faves! If you missed last weeks post you can read that HERE.


Lox and Bagel with Cream Cheese

So I am officially a Lox Lover. I just really can’t eat my bagels any other way now. It’s Lox or Bust.

Yeti Cup

I though I took a picture of my Yeti, yet I can’t find it anywhere, Maybe I forgot to take the picture, maybe it disappeared? or maybe I just love my Yeti cup so much that it makes me crazy!


Pumpkin Spice Latte

It’s Back and I love it! I get PSL from anywhere they have it, Even McDonalds! It was pretty good too!


Yoga has been so good to my mental health, plus it makes my body feel so good! I am going to post very soon on the app that I use with my Yoga workouts so keep a look out for that


I missed these two rascals so much while I was on vacation, I am so happy to be back and snuggling with them. They are my babies!

What are your Friday Faves?