First Official Day of Winter

Today is the first official day of winter, it’s a little weird because I know that here and many other states it’s already snowed. I’m all excited because I was hoping for more snow so I’m hoping we’ll be getting a white Christmas this year. there is something a little magical about having snow on Christmas I think here in Idaho it’s about a 18% chance, but we did get snow last year it was actually the first snowfall if I believe. Despite being a Grinch and not really liking what Christmas has become, it doesn’t mean I am not learning to sort of take my negativity and bring in positivity.

What are you going to be doing today? For me I’m going to be listening to music, cleaning the house, and having lunch with a childhood friend. I am currently done with my internship so I have three weeks to myself I’m hoping during that time I can sort of center myself and push out any negativity that this past year has brought I want to bring in the New year positive and happy.