California to Idaho 10 Roadtrip Songs

What driving 13 hours straight through to Idaho has taught me is that your roadtrip music is Really, Really important. The wrong song and that weariness of driving will get to you. Plus the roads were a bit too icy that I could not afford to start drifting off.
1. Loser- Beck
2. Chop Suey- System of a down
3. Send my Love – Adele
4. Wannabe – Spice Girls
5. Bootylicious – Destiny’s Child
6. Soulja Boy – Soulja boy
7. Pony – Genuwine
8. My Boo – Ghost Town Djs
9. Forgot about Dre – Dr. Dre, Eminem
10. Roadtrippin’ Red Hot Chili Peppers

Do you agree with my list? what would you change if you could?

Why We Decided to Pack up everything and move to Idaho

Remember when I said that we are going to move? Well in just about 2 weeks I’ll be in our new house unpacking our furniture. It’s so weird

I am going to be honest I didn’t really want to pick up and move to a completely other state. I am a Southern California girl, born and raised and I love it here. I spent my adolescence going to the beach ever summer, being a mall rat on the weekends and I have never seen snow. So why the hell would I want to pick up and move from a place I love, California has everything! Well let me tell you what made me change my mind.


The traffic is horrible. I went to my aunts house for a birthday party for my niece it took me over an hour to go 7 miles. I know what your saying, California has always been like that, yes but it’s getting worse and no one is trying to do anything about it. I don’t want to spend a quarter of my life waiting around in traffic. I want to actually live it!

The People

No matter where I go there will always be rude and mean people, but lately it’s just gotten worse. Maybe being in California makes you braver which in turn let’s the side of you that shouldn’t be out come out? It’s like people are just miserable and they want to make everyone miserable too!

Housing Market.

With both my husband and I working making over the medium household income we still can not afford a decent house. It’s just waaaay too over priced. I don’t know how people even make enough money to buy a house nowadays and not be flat broke. It seems impossible.

So those are just a couple of reasons but they were the main ones that my husband convinced me that we should move.

It’s finalized! We are moving.


So the reason I’ve been not updating as much this month is because we have been trying to finalize some plans. I wanted to talk about it so bad but I didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up (my own) and I didn’t want to say anything only to have to take them back later.


Remember our Trip to Boise?

Well we went for a Labor day Vacation, but we also went to see if we would love to move there. Well we decided and my husband is going to transfer his job up there and everything.

You must be wondering why we are going to leave California and move to Idaho of all places, well I’ll list those reasons in another post.

I just wanted to OFFICIALLY announce it to you all!

Wish me luck!

What I Loved About Boise

I’ve been back for a couple of days from my vacation in Boise and I’ve had some time to gather my thoughts and think back on my trip. I had so much fun, and if you follow me on Instagram or snapchat (troubledfred) you were able to sort of go a long with me.Since I liked Boise (Boy-cee) so much I decided to tell you all about what I loved about it in hopes of getting you all to one day visit.

Everyone is so nice

No seriously, Everyone. I didn’t encounter a single rude person. I didn’t even encounter a semi-rude person. Everyone was so nice and interested in what I had to say that it completely took me off-guard. My husband looked at me like a crazy person because I didn’t know how to respond to such politeness. I eventually got used to it and responded in kind but it’s something that has stuck with me especially since I came back to L.A and was hit with a rude awakening.

Delicious Food2016-09-05-10-39-29
I did not have a single bad food. EVERYTHING TASTED SO GOOD. While I’m sure not every restaurant was just great and amazing. Everything I ate was just melt in my mouth amazing. Maybe I was just lucky and get the best restaurants? Either way SO GOOD.


Everything was so great and SO GREEN. Not only were things well maintain but the houses and buildings were s nice too!Books and reading are taken seriouslyimage000000They have a Library! Yes and you must use a exclamation point.

Diversity and Human rights2016-09-04-11-01-34
They have an Anne Frank and Diversity mural. Also saw a lot of different diversity just walking around downtown. I was very surprised when I stumbled upon a Latino Festival and also they celebrated Japan Day.

Vegetarian/ Vegan options

For being a state known for their beef, they had a surprisingly large amount of vegetarian options on their menu, I am not just talking standard garden salad either.

Beer2016-09-02-19-32-38-1They have a couple of small breweries and all of their bars carry the local micro brews and each and every local beer I drank was DELICIOUS! I’m not usually a beer drinker but sign me up for all of the beer please. ALL OF THE BEER
So I had a lot of fun in Boise and hopefully we would return there soon.xo,Kimberly-3

Catching Wanderlust

All who wander are not lost.

I have never truly Cared for traveling. Honestly I don’t like the idea of going to a location, where I am not familiar with, Surrounded by people I do not know. It’s somewhat frightening. Most people would get excited, it’s a new adventure.

My adventures consist of walking the dog around the block.

Maybe I am just a cautious person. I don’t like being touched, strangers talking to me cause me to immediately get suspicious. My personality tends to shut down.

I’ve recently begun to feel differently. There’s this itch that has settled over my skin that leaves me restless an yearning for something new. I want to drag people along, discover new restaurants and food. See lakes, trees and sites with my eyes as opposed to a electronic screen.

Maybe I just want to start living.

It’s not even exotic locations I want to go to, nor do big cities excite me. I just want to be somewhere new!

It’s this something that has been building in me for a while, that I suppressed because I was scared?

Maybe I am going through my mid-mid life crisis? Does that even exist?

Maybe I am just going Crazy?

Whatever it is I caught it and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

How do you feel about traveling?



Sushi Gone Wild

First let me start off by saying that I love sushi rolls. I could pretty much eat them every dinner and today I want to share with you all my favorite sushi place.

It’s called Sushi Gone Wild and if you are ever in southern california in the south bay and you are looking for some sushi that wont break the bank then look no further. Also if you happen to come during your birthday well 1 cent saki doesn’t sound bad at all!

The place is a bit on the small side and it gets filled fairly quickly during peak dinner hours so definitely call ahead.

Philly and chicken teriyaki rools Dos Amigos and Vista Montana rolls baked alaska and salmon skin rolls

Looking at these pictures are seriously making my mouth water.

Where is your favorite sushi place?



Life in Color March


It’s April! This Life in color will not be a monthly Instagram look (although all the pictures on here are all on my instagram Follow me HERE) No instead I will be sharing with you allĀ  my Napa Valley Vacation.

But first, we cruised down the scenic route and visited Solvang where we had Danish Pancakes at Paula’s Pancake house.

2016-03-17 08.50.51

2016-03-17 09.51.01 2016-03-17 09.10.20 2016-03-17 09.10.23

My husband had the blueberry, while I had apple pie. OMG they were so good. Definitely stop by if you ever find yourself in Solvang.

We then cruised up the 101, where there were alot of scenery however made the drive so much more longer than if we just took the 5.

We however came upon San Francisco where the Traffic was a plenty, and (to me at least) looked just like LA.

2016-03-17 14.47.50

But we finally arrived at our hotel in Napa, which was the Hilton Gardens. I was too exhausted from the drive to take a picture so sorry about that.

WE took the Napa Valley Wine Train on our first day, which was so fun and the food was great.

2016-03-18 11.23.14 2016-03-18 13.29.10 2016-03-18 12.06.03 2016-03-18 11.38.47 2016-03-18 11.23.41 2016-03-18 14.28.39

I suggest doing the train if your in Napa.

We also did some Wine Tours, but my Fave was Robert Mondavi Winery. The tour was very intimate as we were the last tour of the day and it was just my husband and I.

2016-03-18 15.39.56 2016-03-18 16.18.52 2016-03-18 16.35.48 2016-03-18 16.42.36 2016-03-18 16.47.25 2016-03-18 17.07.40

This was so fun, I just wish I took more pictures, but I was a bit too busy Drinking Wine and having fun.