Technology; Triple Bristle Sonic Tooth Brush

So on my quest to better my teeth due to my excessive coffee addiction (The smart thing to do would be to cut down on the coffee, but one step at a time right?) I’ve have decided to try something new. My old tooth brush was nothing fancy, it was not even electric. It was just a simple toothbrush given to me free from my dentist. No frills, no thrills, no excitement. Who needs to get excited about brushing their teeth.

Well I do. So I went out and got something exciting. This rechargeable toothbrush from Triple Bristle is about as exciting as you can get. While a bit intimidating to use as first I was surprised at home way it was to just plop into my mouth and start brushing.

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The three speed settings let you brush at whatever pace you need. The normal setting is for all you folks out there that have normal non-sensitive coffee free teeth, while they have a sensitive setting that I use, cause you know I’m a sensitive individual. Last they have a pulse setting if you like to have things pulsing in your mouth…(that reads wrong I didn’t mean it in that way)

The toothbrush is Rechargeable, so when your done just set it into its base and boom it’s charging. It comes with an extra head too!

While it’s a bit expensive I think it’s worth it, but it’s. On sale right now for almost have the price on amazon so you can purchase it HERE.