The Original Make Up Eraser Review

First impressions:

  • Very Soft
  • Like that it is black
  • Detailed instructions of washing


What it says it would do

  • Clean all waterproof make up
  • Will last 1000 washes


What It’s made of:

  • Handcrafted polyester


Purchasing this on a whim, I never thought that having anything polyester was a good thing, but this has changed my mind. Sometimes I’m just way too tired to get out my make up remover, a cotton swab and scrub the make up off my face and also wash my face afterwards. With the cloth just run it over warm water and it clears away WATERPROOF make up. It’s also washable so it saves me so much money!


I really do recommend this cloth to everyone, plus it so soft. Like ridiculously soft. I wish I had a blanket of this cloth! It’s great for sensitive skin too, so long as you are not allergic to polyester you