Life In Color: December Insta

Things that happened to me last month

  • Ate a Ton of Sushi
  • Took lots of photos of Mordechai and Tesla
  • Drank a lot apparently
  • Attended Orientation
  • Snow
  • Made some new traditions (and tried to keep some old)

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What did you do last month?

Five Friday Faves

If this week has taught me anything It’s that you have got to enjoy the simpler things in life. We had a couple of setbacks with the move, one of those being that a blizzard has held up our moving truck so nothing got delivered on time, no internet means no posting on my blog 🙁 and moving costs a hell of a lot of money. I was very tempted to do a Five Friday unfaves because a lot of stuff seemed to have gone wrong, but I want to think more positively, You can check out weeks Five Friday Faves as well.

First Lush Bath Bomb

So to celebrate my move and give myself a pick me up I went to LUSH. Boy was a glad I did. It improved my mood immensely, plus with the snow storm we had I needed something to help my skin. I also got my first bath bomb, as you all should know my bath tub at my last house was broken so finally able to use a bathbomb is amazing!

Tortilla with Queso Fresco

My mom used to feed this to me as a snack as a child and since I was feeling a bit homesick for my family and my old city I needed a bit of comfort. It’s simple and affordable and I love it.

EOS Lip balm

My lips are in bad shape, this (real) winter weather is not helping at all. I had this EOS Lip balm in my purse and I am so glad I did. It has seriously saved my lips.


I have finally got to see snow! Being a Southern California girl you don’t get to really experience the winter. While I can gripe about the cold, and it being wet, there is just something about curling up with a book and some hot coffee while everywhere around you is blanketed in soft white.

Trader Joe’s Instant Coffee

This was such a life saver. Hello Coffee addict and while yes, I could have gotten Starbucks I am not made of money people! My coffee maker was stuck in a storm and unable to make it to me so I had to get a cheap alternative, while not the absolute best coffee it was enough to get me buy. THANK YOU.

What got you through this cold week?

When The Weather outside seems frightful…but we don’t have a fire place


I am not a cold weather girl and it has been so cold. I’m not saying it’s the coldest area to be because some places are around -10 but I come from Southern California, it’s like in the 50s.


I have been surviving on hot chocolate with marshmallows. Thermals are my everyday wear and waterproof boots are definitely the shoe of choice.

Why I traded sunshine for snow, I have no idea.