Currently Watching; Riverdale

So I know I am no longer a teenage girl interested in watching teen dramas unfold. I don’t understand teen angst anymore than I did when I was 16, however I couldn’t say I was not interested in one of my favorite comics becoming a live action drama show based upon murder and mystery.


I have long been a fan of the Archie comics. The gang that included Archie, Reggie, Cheryl, Betty, Veronica and my very first fictional crush Jughead Jones. To see it live action on T.V. Set into the modern age is something I could not have passed up. So I booted up the laptop Typed in WB then realized I was old and this station was now called the CW. You must be wondering why I had to stream it, well I don’t have cable.


I honestly don’t know how I feel about my beloved characters being played by real flesh and blood characters, how Riverdale will somehow become some dramafest murder mystery, but I got to say I am super surprised that it seemed to have worked out. While it is a little bit weird to see Ross’s son Ben now grown up and being teensy, I got over it quick. It’s entertaining and intriguing enough to catch my attention.


Am I going to be glued to the T.V and trying to watch every single week it comes out? Probably not. Will I watch the show when I feel like it and have time? Yes I will. It’s a good show, and that much I can admit.