#SampleSunday Sand & Sky Pink Clay Mask



I had really high hopes for this mask. I’ve been seeing Sand & Sky Purifying Pink Clay Mask everywhere and I really want to try it. I finally got a sample in my Birchbox. I used it on a particularly bad skin week, the winter weather was especially brutal on my skin and I could physically feel my skin becoming horrid.


I was really surprised at how runny this was. Typically clay masks are thick and smooth.


The mask did go on smooth, but I was surprised at how light the pink coloring was, it looked always white. It came off super easy, so I didn’t have to scrub at my skin.


Sand & Sky boasts that this mask reduces pores, brightens & detoxifies skin. I can say that my skin looked amazing after use. It pretty much caused my brittle, cracked, dry and porous skin to do a 360. I am seriously debating if $50 is worth it for this mask because I really liked it and may purchase it. I would love to see how this mask does after multiple uses.

Do you own Sand & Sky Pink Clay Mask?

#SampleSunday Empty Samples

I’ve made it a goal of mine to use all my samples up since I have so many and I foresee myself getting more especially since I plan on getting another beauty subscription (any recommendations will help!). So I just want to share with you all my empty samples and my thoughts on them. I don’t have too many but I am trying.

I got a sample of this yaby foundation a while back and I wanted to use it. I was really surprised at how cakey this felt on my face. It was heavy and I really didn’t like it. I wont be purchasing this that is for sure.

I feel like everyone has gotten a sample of theBalm Put a Lid on Itthe eye primer wasn’t too bad and did it’s job after 9 hours at work it did start to wear off a bit, but I have really oily lids so it is hard for me to find a primer that lasts all day. I may purchase this if it goes on sale.

the Naobay Oxygenating cream is the best product out of the three. A little cream went a long way and this sample actually lasted longer than I thought it would. It left my skin feeling very soft and hydrated. I think I would purchase this.

Are there any samples you have tried lately?

#SampleSunday Perfume Sample Pan Project

2017-11-25 11.55.52

You’ve probably heard of Pan Project before, A couple of bloggers and instagramers have done it and I really want to try it. I have so many samples but I did not realize how many perfume samples I had until now. So I decided to start with my perfume samples and what I perfect way than to feature it than on Sample Sunday. I’ve already picked three and have been alternating between them for everyday use.

2017-11-25 12.06.17

The first scent is Yogini by Harvey Prince and apparently, it is the scent of liberation. The scent is supposed to linger with you throughout the day and it does, as I have been told. I put it on in the morning before work and 9 hours later people can still smell it on me. The scent is a bit strong, stronger than I thought it would be, but with a perfume that features Sandalwood, Pink Grapefruit, Blackcurrant Buds and rose petals, I can see why.

Harajuku Lovers G is my favorite out of the three. It’s slightly fruity but has more of a citrusy base. This is a roller ball so I mostly roll it on my pulse points when I am in hurry. The scents in this one Green Apple, Peach, and Pineapple which I have to say is a combination I really like. There are stubble tones of Peony as well.

The third perfume is also Harvey Prince but it’s my favorite from the brand. Hello, no not the Adele song. Considering that this is cruelty-free and Vegan makes me love it even more. The Meyer Lemon gives this a wonderful soft lemon scent, while the Tahitian Vanilla and Pink Plumeria gives it a nice balance.

2017-11-25 12.06.50

As you can see I’m getting pretty low on these and I soon I’ll pick three more to replace these. Hopefully, I’ll like them just as much as these!

Sample Sunday: Tony Moly I’m Real Sheet Mask

It’s been a while since I’ve used a sheet mask. I just haven’t had the time to really relax like I need, but this Sunday I made time to do a little pampering with TONYMOLY Broccoli vitality mask. I wanted a pick me up for my face since I feel it has a bit dull. The mask itself didn’t really smell like anything which I loved, it was also was very gentle and hydrating on my skin. I know I need to do this a lot more, especially since it’s summer and I’ve been working out everyday and my face gets dirty and clogged.

Sample Sunday

So I got this in a old Birchbox and I just got around to using them. I have not been able to get my beauty sleep lately because I’ve been sick. I don’t sleep well on a normal basis sooo…

These Klorane eye patches are suppose to do three things

  • soothe and soften the skin around the eye
  • Refresh and moisturize
  • Reduce puffiness and fine lines

I can say that it definitely soothed and refreshed as well as moisturize. The puffiness also went away, I couldn’t say much about the fine lines or softening of the skin as I think you have to use this a couple of times before you get those results. I would like to use this again and I have 1 more pack I can use, I may purchase these but they are a little pricey for me.

Sample Sunday

I haven’t done this in a while and I am so excited! I started this blog doing beauty and it is one thing I really don’t think I’ll ever stop doing.

I got this no:hj Healing Anti-pore Mask in one of my Beautique Mask Maven bags and it is great and exactly what I have been needing. I have problem with the pores on my nose the most and this sheet mask while it did minimize my pores it did not get rid of it all, which I didn’t think it would. I really liked it though and it made my face super soft and smooth. I’ll definitely want to try another one.

Sample Sunday Ladykin GreenHarmony Pumpkin Mask Pack

Welcome to another Sample Sunday, this time I tried Ladykin Green Harmony Pumkin Mask Pack. You can check out last weeks Sample Sunday HERE

Honestly I expected this to smell more like Pumpkin than it did. It really didn’t smell like anything. This does come in multiple flavors, scents, fruits? Plus it’s only $3 so the price isn’t bad. This was a pretty good way to moisturize my skin after the winter chill has been drying it out. It suppose to soothe and soften skin which it absolutely did. However it also said to have anti-inflammatory properties that I didn’t actually see too much  of which was disappointing. for my sensitive skin it didn’t hurt it in any way. If you are suffering from dried skin this is for you. however if your skin is oily I wouldn’t recommend. If you have combination skin I would only apply it to the dry spots. I wish the container was resealable since it had way too much for my face and I would have loved to safe it for another day.

Sample Sunday The Yeon Jeju Energy Pack

I am so glad to be doing this again it’s been a while and honestly I’ve just been so busy that I couldn’t pamper myself like I usually do, but it’s back now!

This sample was from one of Mask Mavens (which I miss but I’m way too poor to have another subscription). This Sunday it is The Yeon Jeju Enery Live Pack.

When I first used the product I didn’t notice the Cooling part on the package and well it’s super cold winter up here in Idaho, this is not a good combination. It was so cold on my face, plus they had these pulp like things in the mask which I think I was suppose to rub in, I’m not too sure. This is suppose to Moisturize your skin while soaking in loads of vitamins. I kept the mask on for about 15 mins and then rinsed my face. It came off pretty easy however I didn’t feel too much in the way of moisture. My skin did have a slight glow to it and it felt pretty good. I am thinking this would make a good addition to a summer skincare routine, but it didn’t do enough for my face for the winter.

Have you tried this product before?