Make Up Cuts III


So Another cut, another post. In case you don’t know what I am talking about check out my first Make up cut and Second make up cut

I am currently trying to get rid of the make up that I don’t use as a way to declutter myself. I really recommend it as it somewhat lightens you up and also helps rediscover some favorites.


Luxe Eyeshadow

I have so many palettes and eyeshadows that this one did not catch my attention, I have never even opened it. I’m going to give it to someone who has need of it.


Physician’s Formula Khol Eyeliner.

I received this in a trio pack and at first it went on smooth, and I thought I could love it, however at the end of the day it smeared so much on my eyes that I looked like a freaking raccoon.


Marc Jacobs Lipstick

There’s actually nothing wrong with this lipstick, It’s actually just going because I have multiples. I would keep it if I was 100% in love but I am just very neutral about it, so out it goes.


Rimmel London Glam’eyes Mascara

This is a very meh mascara, it’s not awful, but it isn’t the best (In My Opinion). I have a ton of other mascaras that work for me, however this does add decent length if that is what you are looking for.

Have you tried any of these products? How do you feel about it?