GreenHarmony Pear Mask Pack

So I’m trying to take care of my skin since I have neglected it for a couple of months. I found this little gem in one of my many beauty boxes so I took it out and decided to use it.

Green Harmony claims this helps improve skin tone, add moisture and balances your skin. You love the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes then rinse off in lukewarm water. The mask was creamier than I expected and the little pack had a ton of product in it that I wished I had a little tub to store what I didn’t use. It easily spread over my skin so it was easy to use. There was no smell really, like I thought there would be considering it contains pears. This also never really dried so I had to be super careful not to let anything touch my face while I was wearing it.

After washing the product off easily I did notice that my face felt refreshed and smooth. The effect lasted for about a day, so this seems like a quick fix product that should be done multiple times a week rather than something that lasts the whole week. Not a holy grail products but it still was nice to use.

*Cruelty Free* Taking my bath up a level with Bumble Road Bathbombs*

*Thanks to Bumble Road for sending these amazing bathbombs*

July’s over and with it, hopefully, the insanely hot weather. July was too hot with ever weekend being the 100s. Can I say I am so over this heat? Sweating is not my thing, and my skin seems to be taking the brunt of this dryness.

What I need, or my skin needs, is a refresher and I think I found the solution. While I love LUSH, as you all know, I don’t have a bottomless money pit (oh how I wish I did). So I’ve been looking for inexpensive ways to take my bath to the next level.

I think I found it with Bumble Road. Their bath bombs are loaded with essential oils, shea butters and espon salts to give your body the exact treatment it needs. This set comes with 4 lovely bath bombs;

Luscious Lavender

This has Lavender essential oils as well as shea butter and epson salt. This felt like heaven on my over worked skin. My bathwater turned a lovely shade of lavender and made me feel pretty (which is kinda hard to do lately). The fragrant is there but not overly powerful, which I like, so no nasal irritation for me. It was enough to have me relax with a audio book in the background. Love it.

Really Rose

This beauty smells oh so good! It has little rose buds that float along in the bath with you, which is a great start to a date night let me tell you. The water turns a pretty pink shade, which makes the atmosphere a bit romantic and girly. Light some candles, put on a romance in the background and close your eyes. This will be amazing!

Orange Creamsicle

I love Citrus smells, and this one is absolutely great. The little dandelions are great, and this makes your skin smell oh so good. It did make me slightly hungry, though. This is perfect for after a workout day when you really need that sweaty feeling to just go away, and your muscles just need a break.

Yellow Grapefruitlicious

This yellow monster has Lemon and Grapefruit essentially oils. The bomb brings fun to the tub with a bright yellow color that will be sure to brighten up your day. I suggest if you get gloomy from a rainy day, or you just had a really stressful day at work or school, you should definitely use this.

This is a great alternative to LUSH especially if your like me and you do not have the money to purchase a bath bomb. This smells just as nice, makes your skin feel refreshed and new, while also providing a fun and relaxing environment.

You can purchase these on Amazon HERE, or directly from the Bumble Road Website HERE


Not Your Mother’s Plump for joy hair thickener

I’ve always had trouble with flat hair, but I’ve never really done anything about it. Now I am starting to be more adventurous. I’m 30 I can’t be afraid to take risks. When I saw this at my local drugstore I decided to try it out and I have not been lead astray by Not Your Mother’s products before. Sadly this didn’t really do anything, besides it smelling good and being easy to blend into my hair it still fell flat. I tried it while my hair was dry and damp and it was still the same results either way. I keep using it though, I guess I’m hoping that it will some how mysteriously work?


I am so disappointed, you were suppose to be my go to hair products!!!


Okay maybe I’m being a little harsh, and it was not really that expensive so I am not too hung up about it. I just want my hair to have some volume and doesn’t look like I’ve been wearing a beanie all day.

Lush Ladybug Bubble Bar Review

More bubbles, courtesy of lush and this time it’s so much fun. I once again was about to break this little beauty in half and get two uses out of it, which is suck a plus in my book. this was a fun one, not only did I have a bath tub full of bubbles but the bath water turned a fun red color as well. If I wasn’t thirty years old I’d have brought some toys and added to the fun. (also I own action figures not toys, there’s a difference).

Considering that the featured ingredient was peppermint oil, the bath lack a bit of the smell but honestly, I didn’t really mind. This bath totally destressed me, not only was it fun, but deeply relaxing and left my skin feeling so smooth. I only wish I had a bottle of champagne to drink out of while taking it. ( I love champagne)

SO let your inner fun out and totally make time for a bubble bath.

Treat yo’ Self

Sorry I’m rewatching parks and recreation and I just got to that episode. Plus I may have indulged in a bit (or a bottle) of that champagne I forementioned before.

Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo

I seem to be using dry shampoo more and more these days, as I just can’t seem to get my hair straight. One day it’s limp and oily, the next day full of fly-aways and dryness. I don’t wash my hair everyday to try to preserve it’s life, so sometimes that limp and oiliness makes me look unwashed. That’s where dry shampoo comes in.

Not Your Mother’s is on of my favorite drugstore hair brands. Not only is it inexpensive but cruelty-free as well, they even have recently come out with a line of more natural products that I cannot wait to test out. Considering how much I love using Not Your Mother’s products I decided to try out the dry shampoo.

The Clean Freak Dry shampoo boasts instant results of Absorption of excess oils, No residue and a Matte finish. I can tell you that 2 out 3 of these claims are right. IT does immediately absorb the oil in my hair and leaves it looking I didn’t wash it the day before, The matte finish as well can be claimed as try as my hair is not overly shiny. However it did leave a white residue in my hair after I used it, which I need to immediately brush out so as I don’t look like I am going grey.

Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo also gives a slight volume boost to my hair so that it does not fall limp, this lasts about half the day but I am assuming it’s because I tend to play with my hair more than I should making it fall flat. This is unscented, which I don’t know if I like but at the same time I don’t know what I would like it to smell like considering.

They also have a tapioca dry shampoo that I really want to try out to see how that works. This is only $7.00 which I love because I have seen half this size run for double that with other brands.

Lush Cosmetics; Kalamazoo Beard and Face wash review

Lush is known for their amazing all natural bath bombs and masks, but they have loads of products. I never had a Lush back where I live and now I have one right down the street which let me tell you is dangerous to my bank account. With two lush hauls already since living here I have spent quite a bit, it’s not just me either. My husband is finally beginning to understand my fascination.

He is pretty much in love with Kalamazoo face and beard wash, I’m even forbidden to use it since he likes it so much. He purchased the 3.5 oz thinking it would smell to girly and not be powerful enough for his face and beard. I’m glad to say that they proved him wrong.

It took a bit of coaxing but he was able to give me enough information for me to write this review.

He said that he liked the smell, although he could not describe it to me, after my own sniffing I placed it as citrusy, which makes sense considering Pineapple and lime oil are just some of the ingredients. He couldn’t tell me what his skin is, but I think he has combination skin leaning more towards dry, this soap was perfect considering most of the dry patches are completely gone and his face is smoother and clearer so no break outs. I think if you are prone to oily skin you may want to look for something else.

For his beard after prolong use he has noticed a softer feel and it is easier to shave. For a 3.5 oz tub it would last him around 3 to 4 months of about everyday use. It is definitely worth the price and he is going to repurchase once it is out, this time buying the bigger 8.4oz tub.

Indie Beauty; Botanical Lipstick *Cruelty Free*

2016-11-05-14-28-181 2016-11-05-14-28-53

I’ve wanted to try more indie brands lately, I do love the well know brands like Urban Decay and Rimmel London, but you kinda do see those plastered all over other blogs. Plus Indie Brands tend to be Cruelty Free which is what I have been trying to be more cautious of.

I decided to try out Skin2Spirit Botanical Lipstick. The lipstick is meant to Moisturizer your lips and is loaded with shea butters and moisturizing oils. I picked the color Cherry Plum because I felt it would go well with my skin tone which brightening my lips. While the packaging is not so great, in fact the top of the lipstick was messed up when I first opened it, and I don’t think I can fully extend the lipstick out without it breaking.

The Lipstick itself is really nice. It goes on very smooth and feels moist on my lips. The lasting power is just okay but I feel it would definitely need a sealer to stay on more than a couple of hours.

All in all I don’t regret the purchase, however I won’t be purchasing another lipstick.

I like Putting Snail Slime on my Face

First Impressions

  • Cute Packaging
  • Kinda Disgusting if you think about it too much

What it’s Suppose to do?

  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Smooth Skin

What’s in it?

  • Snail Secretion
  • Water
  • Anise Extract
  • Peppermint Extract
  • Rosemary Extract
  • Lavender Extract
  • Tea Tree Extract


So the packaging is sooo cute, however a bit bulky. It doesn’t really fit in with the rest of my stuff but that’s okay because it is pretty cute. Also they give you a large amount and a little goes a very long way for this would last you quite a while.


I used the cream as a moisturizer and it did really well, my skin was smooth and it did not make me break out. It was absolutely gentle enough for my sensitive skin. It didn’t wow me however, it just seemed like a regular moisturizer. I will say that you can’t beat the price. For $16 for 100ml it’s pretty awesome.

If your looking for a moisturizer that’s cute and colorful this is your cream.

Face Time with Serment


First Impression:

  • Reminds me of Dermatologica
  • Hoped I didn’t make a Mess

What’s it suppose to do?

  • Cleanse your face without stripping your natural oils
  • Helps with skin conditions like Eczema and Acne
  • Cleans pores like no other

What’s in it?

  • Enzymes
  • Collagen

So I really, really love this Korean skin cleanser. It really just works so well for my sensitive. My face was not this bright red balloon when I was done washing, it was soft and still really moist. It did not make my face feel stiff and uncomfortable like some cleansers can do. I have Rosacea on my face and it’s why I really need to watch what I use on it. Sometimes if the water is a tad too hot my face gets so irritated so just imagine if I actually use a harsh cleanser. Serment is definitely going to be my go to exfoliating face wash from now on. If you want to check it out or purchase the product you can do that HERE

What’s your favorite Exfoliator?

#Smilefearlessly with Smile Brilliant*

Hello, My name is Kimberly and I am a coffee Addict. I drink coffee at least twice a day, If I don’t have my coffee then I become a moody monster. Now that’s not even the worse part. In fact drinking that much coffee gives me loads of problems, one of those are my teeth. Since I’ve started drinking so much coffee my teeth have been become stained in a way that I’ve noticed and it affects my self esteem and that affects my smile. Do you know how annoying it is for people to tell you to smile bigger? That I don’t smile showing my teeth? One of the first things I do when I meet someone is look at their teeth and compare them to mine. It’s weird I know, but I can’t help it! Teeth are important.

Well I finally found a solution to my problem. When I was contacted by Smile Brilliant to see if I wanted to try their Teeth whitening system I jumped at the chance to say goodbye yellow teeth and hello to a perfect smile.


Before I get into my review let me tell you a little about the company. Smile Brilliant was founded by Betty Shah. She created Smile Brilliant because she was tired of those Over-The- Counter products that not only didn’t work but can cost an arm and a leg. The only way to get your teeth whitened (and actually work) was to go to the dentist, but we know how that goes ($500+ for just those whitening trays alone). This wouldn’t be a problem if you were a celebrity but for us ‘average joe/jane’ coffee drinkers how could we afford it? Well since Betty had over 30 years of Dentistry experience she knew exactly how, so with 70% less than dentist and over 99.3% satisfaction rate, she gave us an alternative.


After ordering my trays It took only 1 day for it to be shipped out and I got it within two days. Which is pretty fast. Opening the kit I was a bit intimidated. The first step of the whitening process is the create my impressions (one for the top of my teeth and one for the bottom) by mixing the Catalyst and Base Paste and putting them in the trays. Even though they do send a extra mixture for the trays just in case there is a mistake I was still worried about screwing it up since I’m such a klutz. I took a deep breath, brushed and flossed my teeth then went about creating my putty.


Turns out I didn’t have to worry because it was extremely easy to make the impressions and I didn’t even have to use the extra mixtures (Go me!). Just make sure you don’t mix both pastes at the same time, make one impression first then start with the other. Making the impressions were a bit uncomfortable as I had to stuff the tray in my mouth and keep it there for a minute and a half, plus I kept drooling which was a little gross. When removing the impressions don’t wiggle as it can screw it up, for me they came out no problem.


I let them sit for 5 minutes before rinsing and drying them off. Smile Brilliant sends you a prepaid envelope so you can send the impressions back painlessly. I was able to send them off same day no problem. In total it took about 5 days from when I sent the impressions back to me. I started the teeth whitening process right away. You brush your teeth first without toothpaste and put a small strip of whitening gel in the trays then pop em in your mouth. At first your teeth may be a bit sensitive to the treatment but no worries Smile Brilliant also offers desensitizing gel that you can add on to your whitening kit to help prevent sensitivity after your whitening sessions


I could see a difference right away. I used the treatment every other day, however you can use it everyday if you wanted to! The photo below is my teeth after only a week of using the Treatment! I am going to continue using them as I have fallen in love with my teeth and refuse to go back to drab coffee teeth again.


Now as a present for all of you! Smile Bright is hosting a 2 week Giveaway for all of you lovely readings just go HERE and enter to win. Also if your interested in Purchasing the treatment (my recommendation) just use the code Upanelmstree to save some money of the purchase of your very own whitening kit

How have your teeth been looking lately? Are you ready to #SmileFearlessly?

*I was given the Product in exchane for a fair and honest review*

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