Lifestyle: Maintaining Long Distance Friendships

I have a low pool of friends, so any I get I need to keep. Since moving to Idaho I haveĀ  not really had a chance to grow relationships like I want, but I also have to remember that I still have friends back home. So I have a couple things I am doing to make sure I keep my long distance friends

Text often

I am not a phone talker. The only person I call is my mom and my husband. I am very awkward on the phone mostly because I get distracted or the phone breaks out and I end up asking or saying the same thing multiple times. Texting is easy though and a quick ‘How’s your day going?’ really does go a long way. Maintaining communication is key and you can’t get lazy. If you are forgetful set up a quick weekly alarm to make sure you check in.

Plan a Skype call

My best friend and I Skype every Friday to play board games. It’s fun and we talk and drink a little wine. While I wish we were together in person this gives us a chance to do something different while also keeping in touch. Plus we can see each other and any physical changes that can occur.

Stay active on Social Media

Honestly I don’t really like Facebook, but it is crucial when I want to stay up to date on family events and friend events. I only have Family and friends on facebook and I make sure that I keep my personal social media separate from my blogs. Not because I am ashamed of my blog, but so I can get information when I want it. Instagram and snapchat are key as well.

Video Games

I am a gamer plain and simple. I also have friends who play games. Playing MMO games are a great way to stay active with friends and open doors to meeting more people. If you don’t play games that is fine, but if you do definitely do multiplayer games.

13 Years of Love

They say High school romances don’t last. I say Love is Love and it doesn’t matter if your 16 or 50 when you find the love of your life you better hold onto them.

I met my husband when I was 15, I was stupid and so very full of myself. When I was 16 the summer before Junior year we started talking, Honestly I don’t remember the full reason I pursued my husband (Yes I was the one that chased!) but I knew that I wanted him. Who would have known that 10 years after our first date we would be married.

Not everything is roses. We do have arguments, we have those days where we just need some space from each other. Love isn’t perfect, you have to work hard, make compromises and try things you never thought you would, however we never make each other do something that would make the other uncomfortable or that they would deem morally wrong.

He's Mine!
He’s Mine!

I love my husband so much, I never thought that after 13 years he would still give me butterflies in my stomach, makes me find more reasons everyday to want to hold his hand.

He makes me feel like the only woman in the room.

This is the one thing I don’t think I can ever give up.

I hope everyone finds this type of love.