#FashionFriday POP fit

Before I start I am in no way affiliated with POP fit, but they are having their Black Friday sale just use Code POPFriday for a buy 1 get 2 free. 

Now I recently purchased a pair of their pants because A) they said they are #squatapproved, B) They were having a sale and I could afford it, and C) they have pockets (on certain styles). 

I purchased the Lily because pockets and I loved the little detail on the calf. I purchased a medium and it fit perfectly and contoured to my body like a glove. This is great because I have a curvy body and I find it hard to get workout pants that don’t bunch, or feel uncomfortable. These were so comfortable. The second thing I noticed is that yes, I can bend over in them and not have everyone know what the pattern on my underwear is, so YAY! 

The other pants I got were the Ava with pockets. They too fit amazingly, and I actually really liked the little cutouts, at first I was hesitant because I didn’t want my legs to look like little rolls that were trying to come through the cutouts. I didn’t have to worry though because they looked great. I will say that sadly these are not squat proof as my husband was able to tell the color of the panties I was wearing when I bent over, he did admit though that you have to be staring pretty hard to tell. 

Overall I really like these workout pants and will be taking advantage of their Black Friday deals!