Beauty Inventory?

So how do you all keep track of your beauty products? I have so much that it can be a little overwhelming if you look at it all together. That is why I decided to inventory my beauty products, it part of my New Year’s Resolution to be more organized.

In doing this I can keep track of how much I bought it for, What brand and color it is, as well as how I rate it, and if I would repurchase. I’ve seen some other things you can do that I was thinking of like swatches, color range, and average ratings.

If you are not savvy to Excel or just don’t want something like this you can use an app like Sortly to get help you. I know you can scan barcodes and people say it is pretty easy. I don’t use it because you do have to pay, and I find it relaxing just to do things myself. I also find it easier to because I can evolve my inventory list to suite my needs and I can add and change things how often I like.

Stay Organized: Panda Planner

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So I’m trying to be more optimistic and also be organized in life so when I heard about Panda Planner it made me excited.

What is Panda Planner?

Panda planner is a Non-dated daily planner that has a weekly and monthly review. The planner claims to boost productivity, Develop better time management skills, achieve work-life balance and make you happier.

These are huge claims for something so small.

I love the weekly and daily review pages. I can see how this planner can help boost productivity. I would change the layout, instead of bunching all the weekly reviews together it should have 1 weekly review followed by 7 daily review pages and so on. Having to flip through it so much, especially since it’s not wire bound, makes it kind of hard to navigate and it doesn’t lie flat.

The one thing I really have a problem with is the fact that it only goes to 6 months. So I would have to buy 2 for a whole year. That’s too much!

Overall this planner is great and with hose organized I want to keep my life its (almost) perfect.