Hall of Shame; December Fails

Usually, on this blog, I like to talk about things I like or at least things that are okay. When I review products I like to tell you all the positives as well as the negatives to let you develop your own opinion. However, there are some products that just perform so awful that it upsets me. I hate using my money and getting a product that doesn’t work or breaks or just makes false claims.


So I decided to put it into a sort of Hall of Shame. If these products worked for you let me know! Maybe I just got a one-off and I should try it again.

2017-12-22 12.53.44

This month there were just two so it wasn’t too bad.

First, off the NYX Epic Black Mousse Liner, I was so mad when I opened this and it was dried and unusable. It had shriveled up and looked like a sad piece of coal. There was no way of using it. While I love NYX products, and I had such high hopes for this liner, I couldn’t help but be discouraged by this. I actually got it from an NYX store so I can’t blame a drugstore or whatnot on stocking old products.

The second was theBalm Mr. Write (now) this thing was solid and refused to line. I tried on my hand multiple times, I even tried cutting the tip and using a lighter to melt it slightly. It was just too much of a hassle and such a disappointment. I don’t use theBalm products often because they are slightly pricey for me, so I took a chance on it and it seemed to just bite me in the butt.


Don’t worry I am not writing the brands off *yet* just these particular products.


have you used any products that were not up to snuff?