Currently Watching: M*A*S*H

First things first, I think I am in love with Alan Alda. There it’s off my chest!


So MASH, what can I say I’m addictive and I have 11 seasons to hold me. If you don’t know what MASH is, its a Comedy (DRAMA!!!!) about two doctor that were drafted in the army during the Korean war and who work in a MASH Unit (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital). I can say that I did expect it to be funny, however the amount of drama and real life issues they throw at you kinda threw me for a loop.

I haven’t cried yet though! (Hooray for me!)

For it being such a old show (it debuted in 1973) it doesn’t really feel so dated. I found myself laughing at most of the Jokes and falling in love with both Hawkeye and Trapper (Alan Alda’s Baby Blues!!!!). However being such a old show that it is, I pretty much know everything that happens!

I may be blabbering. #sorrynotsorry

I’m also very sick and under the influence of medicine (Drugs. Don’t do them kids)

The moral of this post is to let you know that I am enjoying this show, and maybe if you give it a chance you can too!