Spent my Easter with a relaxing bath, Lush Review

I normally get Sundays off and it’s my errand day. I do housework, laundry, school work and whatever else needs to get done, however because it was Easter I decided to really relax and pamper myself. Lately when I decide to pamper myself it’s always with a relaxing bath and lighting a candle and spending the time reading. Of course I can’t just take any regular old bath, I need something that smells nice, that turns the water a cool color. It needs to distract from the fact that I am technically relaxing in my own filth.

Okay I am not too filthy, but still if I sit and think about it…

Anyway Easter to me is bright colors, Chocolate eggs and bright green grass. TheΒ Fizzbanger Bath bomb is a bright yellow ball, that reminds of baby chicks and Eggs. It turned the water a deep green that reminded me of grass and made me feel like a mermaid.

What I completely forgot about the Fizzbanger was the loud poprock like noises it makes that confused me (and made me suspicious) at first but once I saw the little bang in the water I remembered. My skin felt so soft and smooth and I just relaxed in the bath until it turned lukewarm and I knew I had to get out. While I was supposed to get the scent of cinnamon apples, I didn’t really get that which was a little bit of a bummer.

If you want a moisturizing, excited bath I do suggest theΒ Fizzbanger Bath bomb however light a candle for fragrance because this one is too soft, I didn’t smell it.

Lush Ladybug Bubble Bar Review

More bubbles, courtesy of lush and this time it’s so much fun. I once again was about to break this little beauty in half and get two uses out of it, which is suck a plus in my book. this was a fun one, not only did I have a bath tub full of bubbles but the bath water turned a fun red color as well. If I wasn’t thirty years old I’d have brought some toys and added to the fun. (also I own action figures not toys, there’s a difference).

Considering that the featured ingredient was peppermint oil, the bath lack a bit of the smell but honestly, I didn’t really mind. This bath totally destressed me, not only was it fun, but deeply relaxing and left my skin feeling so smooth. I only wish I had a bottle of champagne to drink out of while taking it. ( I love champagne)

SO let your inner fun out and totally make time for a bubble bath.

Treat yo’ Self

Sorry I’m rewatching parks and recreation and I just got to that episode. Plus I may have indulged in a bit (or a bottle) of that champagne I forementioned before.

MMMelting Marshmellow Moment Bath Oil Review

This was recommended to me by one of the Lush Assistants. Compared to You’ve been mangoed I can tell you this is not as moisturizing, however that does not mean that it’s lacking. I just soaked longer than I would have normally. Also the smell is slightly sweeter than I would have liked, but that is just my personal prefrence. With the other oil I was able to break it in half and get 2 uses out of it, but this one you need to use to whole piece. I am not hating on this at all, quite the opposite, I really enjoyed this. This still was very moisturizing and the smell is relaxing despite not being the biggest sweet fan.

This turned the water a very pretty rose gold color that I was at first very worried that it would stain my tub, but I had nothing to worry about. I felt extremely pretty and feminine soaking in this oil. I had wished I used this on a date night and not just in the middle of the day on my day off. This gave me some big confidence and the strength that I needed to help me get over my health slump that I have been in.

So try this baby out if you need to get your femininity back and just give yourself that sensual boost that we need every once in a while.

You’ve Been Mangoed, Lush Bath Oil Review

Lush has completely changed how I bathe, before in our old place I did not have a bath tub so I honestly did not know what I was missing. Now I can’t imagine not having a bath tub. I also now have a Lush right down the street, which makes my pocket book cry. I even have my husband using Lush products, his favorite is the Kalamazoo.

The winter has wreaked my skin, drying it out a lot more than I would have liked but Lush has quite a bit of bath oils, as well as bath bombs that can help with that. I choose You’ve been Mangoed not only because the clerk recommended it to me, but because I love the smell of mango (and the taste but I swear I did not eat it) and I am curious how it be on my skin.

The citrusy smell reminded me of Spring which the first day was Monday so I used it just in time. I decided to split it in half since the oil looked a little big, and I am glad I did because despite only using half of it, it still worked really well.

The bath turned a weird green shade, with patches of orange intermixed. The water felt soothing on my skin, and slightly oily but not to where I felt greasy. My skin almost felt as good as new, and super moisturized. These oils are super inexpensive too compared to Lush’s other products, just $3.50 each.

If you had a rough week, or just need time to relax I would definitely recommend trying one out.

Lush Cosmetics; Kalamazoo Beard and Face wash review

Lush is known for their amazing all natural bath bombs and masks, but they have loads of products. I never had a Lush back where I live and now I have one right down the street which let me tell you is dangerous to my bank account. With two lush hauls already since living here I have spent quite a bit, it’s not just me either. My husband is finally beginning to understand my fascination.

He is pretty much in love with Kalamazoo face and beard wash, I’m even forbidden to use it since he likes it so much. He purchased the 3.5 oz thinking it would smell to girly and not be powerful enough for his face and beard. I’m glad to say that they proved him wrong.

It took a bit of coaxing but he was able to give me enough information for me to write this review.

He said that he liked the smell, although he could not describe it to me, after my own sniffing I placed it as citrusy, which makes sense considering Pineapple and lime oil are just some of the ingredients. He couldn’t tell me what his skin is, but I think he has combination skin leaning more towards dry, this soap was perfect considering most of the dry patches are completely gone and his face is smoother and clearer so no break outs. I think if you are prone to oily skin you may want to look for something else.

For his beard after prolong use he has noticed a softer feel and it is easier to shave. For a 3.5 oz tub it would last him around 3 to 4 months of about everyday use. It is definitely worth the price and he is going to repurchase once it is out, this time buying the bigger 8.4oz tub.

Lush Haul (again)

So it may be dangerous to have Lush right down the street. It’s very dangerous. Don’t worry about my last haul, I’m in the process of writing reviews for the products I used so they should be up soon, I’m just trying to make all my post to be about Lush (but would that be such a bad thing?). Let’s just talk about what I purchased okay?

  • MMMelting Marshmellow Mement Bath Oil
  • You’ve been Mangoed Bath Oil
  • Lip Service Lip Balm
  • Butterball bathbomb
  • Pumice Power Foot Soap
  • Milky Bath bubble bar

I am really excited to use these products, keep on the lookout for the reviews!

Five Friday Faves

If this week has taught me anything It’s that you have got to enjoy the simpler things in life. We had a couple of setbacks with the move, one of those being that a blizzard has held up our moving truck so nothing got delivered on time, no internet means no posting on my blog πŸ™ and moving costs a hell of a lot of money. I was very tempted to do a Five Friday unfaves because a lot of stuff seemed to have gone wrong, but I want to think more positively, You can check out weeks Five Friday Faves as well.

First Lush Bath Bomb

So to celebrate my move and give myself a pick me up I went to LUSH. Boy was a glad I did. It improved my mood immensely, plus with the snow storm we had I needed something to help my skin. I also got my first bath bomb, as you all should know my bath tub at my last house was broken so finally able to use a bathbomb is amazing!

Tortilla with Queso Fresco

My mom used to feed this to me as a snack as a child and since I was feeling a bit homesick for my family and my old city I needed a bit of comfort. It’s simple and affordable and I love it.

EOS Lip balm

My lips are in bad shape, this (real) winter weather is not helping at all. I had this EOS Lip balm in my purse and I am so glad I did. It has seriously saved my lips.


I have finally got to see snow! Being a Southern California girl you don’t get to really experience the winter. While I can gripe about the cold, and it being wet, there is just something about curling up with a book and some hot coffee while everywhere around you is blanketed in soft white.

Trader Joe’s Instant Coffee

This was such a life saver. Hello Coffee addict and while yes, I could have gotten Starbucks I am not made of money people! My coffee maker was stuck in a storm and unable to make it to me so I had to get a cheap alternative, while not the absolute best coffee it was enough to get me buy. THANK YOU.

What got you through this cold week?

Lush Haul

So I needed a pick me up after the move. My stuff still was not delivered, we had no internet and I’ve pretty much been freezing my butt off.

When I found out there as a Lush pretty much right down the street I immediately rushed there.

I have a working bathtub now so that means bath bombs!


Butterbear bath bomb

Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb

Big Blue Bath Bomb

Kalamazoo Beard and Facial Wash (for the hubby)

Sleepy hand and body lotion

Pumice Power Foot Soap

Let me know what you want to see in a review and I’ll review it! I’ll have to ask my husband about the Kalamazoo though since I am forbidden from trying it!