#SerenitySaturday Routines and Grateful for Spouse

Establishing a routine is pretty important, which I am starting to learn the older I get. I used to rebel against routines, thinking they were for boring people. I can see why people would want routines now, they make sure your day isn’t messy, that you can actually remember to do things. Overall, they do provide your life with stability and anyone who has suffered any mental health problems will know how much stability means.

There are days that I make me feel useless, but when I participate in a routine (lets say something simple like my morning routine) then I don’t feel as useless as I would. I think establishing small easy routines throughout your day can really make a difference.

The Second Week – Grateful for spouse

Having been with someone for 15 year is crazy, but when you really love someone you can’t imagine ever being without that person. That is how I feel about my husband. He truly is my rock and the one person I can give my trust to and know that he would never break it. He seems to know exactly what I need and when I need it and I am truly grateful for him in my life.

Spending Ban…and a Pan Project

Last month I spent way too much money, mostly on presents for others but i did take advantage of a lot of the sales to buy myself some stuff. I decided that I will put spending on a little hiatus.

Now when I mean spending ban I mean buy things I don’t need, like that makeup palette that was half price. Instead, I want to rediscover what I have and that means using what I have, and what is the perfect solution to using my products?

That’s right a Pan Project!

This will mostly be on my Instagram account but I will be posting updates monthly on here as well. I will need to go through my stash and pick what I want to use and also toss what I don’t like. There is no use keeping something that I can like using.

Is anyone else on a spending ban?

#SerenitySaturday The 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge

Yes, I know I am doing so many challenges this year! This one is different though. While perusing around the blogosphere I stumbled upon this challenge on Local Adventurer and I thought it would be nice to not only do but to share with you all as well.

1. Why Start this challenge?

The reason why I want to start this challenge is because I think there are a lot of things that I take for granted. Also, I believe this will help me because more positive and help me develop a health outlook on the life I have.

New Year’s Resolutions!

It’s the beginning of the Year and what most people deem a fresh start. It’s not as if the problems of last year are not there anymore, but at least we like to not think of them for a while.

This year I want to focus on positives and small goals that eventually cultivates on a much larger goal of just a happier life. Most of these are the normal resolutions, but I want to keep em generic then expand upon them as the year progresses.

  • Drink more water
  • Better skincare routine
  • Try new Things
  • Read more Books
  • Exercise
  • Eating right
  • Meet new people
  • Be more Organized

Let me know what your resolutions are!

First Official Day of Winter

Today is the first official day of winter, it’s a little weird because I know that here and many other states it’s already snowed. I’m all excited because I was hoping for more snow so I’m hoping we’ll be getting a white Christmas this year. there is something a little magical about having snow on Christmas I think here in Idaho it’s about a 18% chance, but we did get snow last year it was actually the first snowfall if I believe. Despite being a Grinch and not really liking what Christmas has become, it doesn’t mean I am not learning to sort of take my negativity and bring in positivity.

What are you going to be doing today? For me I’m going to be listening to music, cleaning the house, and having lunch with a childhood friend. I am currently done with my internship so I have three weeks to myself I’m hoping during that time I can sort of center myself and push out any negativity that this past year has brought I want to bring in the New year positive and happy.

Health: #SerenitySaturday It’s December!

This morning I awoke to snow, and while it technically isn’t winter yet (not until the 21st) it seemed a bit magical. The snow didn’t stick around since it isn’t really cold enough yet, so everything is just wet and cold but I still don’t mind. I needed that little bit of magic because the holidays really make you miss family. It doesn’t help that I recently had to miss my cousin’s wedding, who I am close with. Seeing all the pictures of her wedding posted on Social Media actually made this feeling of sadness worse.

Communication of my emotions is key to not letting me go down this depressive hole. I’ve talked to my husband about it, and expressed my feelings. He understands and is completely supportive, which is nice. I’m also trying to keep busy so I won’t dwell on it so much. So, I am doing a little decorative planning to keep my mind at bay. 

The house still needs work, plus I have some ideas for a vanity corner for my beauty products. I’m also planning on having a sort of “formal” living room or maybe making a little library. Who knows!

Health: #SerenitySaturday – Unwinding from a long week

I don’t know about you all, but it has been a long week. I felt like I was running around with my head cut off trying to finish errands, Cooking on Thanksgiving, and to anyone who went Black Friday shopping, I need a day to relax. While Sunday’s are usually the day that people use for relaxation, for me I spend it getting ready for the week ahead, this includes cleaning, laundry, and meal prep. This does not help me relax, Sunday nights I do facemasks or try out different skincare. 

Saturdays are for relaxing for me. I am 31 years old so clubbing and bar hopping happen like once in a blue moon now. My relaxation comes in the morning with a cup of coffee or tea, especially in this cold weather. I then have a piece of Home made sourdough bread, sometimes I top this with brie or butter and jelly. 

I read a book while eating and drinking, I am currently reading two books one is Then She was Gone by Lisa Jewell, the second is Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan, The latter book I discuss with my husband Saturdays as well. 

I keep can

I spend some time with the animals too, either throwing the ball for the dogs or cuddling with the cats, I make sure to spend some time with each of them. Love it when I can get Mordechai to purr since he does it so infrequently. 

I spend sometime taking pictures so the blog and doing crafts for my planner or around the house. I like to feel like I accomplish stuff.

I do Yoga when I’m done to stretch out my body and my mind, then I take a relaxing bath with some epsom salt or a bath bomb/oil if I have one on hand. 

The night is spend cuddling with the hubby, we sometimes rent movies and pig out with chocolate strawberries or just binge something on Hulu and Netflix. We are almost done with Brooklyn 99. 

This does wonders for my mental health, as it centers me and reminds me why I spend all that time during the week doing hectic things. 

Always make sure to set aside some mental health time, being stress out affects your body in negative ways. 

Internship Life

Working in the coroner’s office has a way of making you face mortality. There are just so many ways to die, and to be confronted with it on a daily basis is a hard thing to do.

I wish I could say it gets easier but it doesn’t.

I’m lucky enough to have a great support system, and to be around people that do the exact same as me. The one thing that this internship has forced me to do is find humor again because you need humor in order to do a job like this. 

There is also something to be said when you actual hold a human heart in your hands, or pretty much any organ to be honest. The contrast of each organ which each other, and to see it all actually fit in the human body is kinda weird.  

My internship ends in December and it is an experience I can say that I won’t forget. 

Health: Weigh me down

Something has gotta change, and that is me. I know I have been saying this for a while but I need to lose weight. I stepped on the scale the other day and I really did not like what I saw, and it is no ones excuse but my own. I have also been noticing a change in my body that I really do not like. 

I keep saying this, but I am in my thirties, I can’t keep doing this to my self and If I want to live a long happy life I need to start taking measures to make sure that happens. I’ve set a couple of easy goals for myself and make sure I develop healthy habits and routines

  1. Drink More Water
  2. Loose 5 pounds
  3. Absolutely no “Fast Food”
  4. Eat more Greens
  5. Be Active at least a Half an hour a day.

Hopefully with these goals I can see improvements. Once these goals are met I can expand upon them and create more easy goals to reach my most important one!