Ramblings: Emergency Room

Hey Kittens,

So far 2015 hasn’t been the fresh start I was hoping it would bring. After having to cancel my Chicago Vacation and having more bills than I can pay in January, I added Emergency Room visit to the growing list of Cons to 2015.

As I have mentioned before I suffer from Chronic Migraines. Lately I’ve been getting them more frequently, and I can’t seem to find the trigger for them. On Thursday around 2:30 I started getting a headache, hoping to bite it in the bud I took some Advil. By 5:30 a Migraine was forming, being no stranger to a migraine I shut off all lights and laid down in bed.

8 pm came around and I started getting nauseous and after throwing up I started shaking uncontrollably, I started panicking when  I had difficulty breathing. So after thinking about it off to the Emergency I go.

There’s something just depressing about the waiting room at a hospital Emergency. Maybe it’s what it represents but there is no way that you can have any sort of positive outlook in a hospital waiting room. The Doctors and Nurses were nice and seemed to actually care for my well being but they had no idea what was wrong with me.

They gave me a IV to hydrate along with 5 other types of medicine, once I was stable I was discharged and told to follow up with my primary care doctor so she can run any needed test.

I am still not feeling 100% but I’m getting better. I hope that this was just a bizarre episode and that this won’t happen again.

Have you had any ER visits? or any bad 2015 happenings?