Fall is here and I love it!

2017-10-17 15.22.15

I know I know I am so late to the game, but I missed the first day and I still want to exclaim my love for it before winter comes.

In Idaho the leaves are changing color and leaving mess all over the lawns. Pumpkin spice is everywhere and  I would not be surprised if I’m completely pumpkin’d out  by December. (I still haven’t had pumpkin pie yet though)

It’s sweater weather here, in California it has been in the 90s to 100s. I really like 60 degree weather, not so much 40 degree when I get up in the morning but it is a small trade.

My husband said that some of the  mountains are already getting snow! I don’t know if I am dreading the snow or no. Last year was bad with snow so I am hoping that the snow wont be so bad here.

We are still in the house process and its so stressful that I had to ban house talk for a whole day just so I can relax. I knew that buying a house was stressful but still I was not prepared. I really hope everything goes smoothly because all this stress than for everything to fall through would be horrible.

Wish me luck.

McCall Winter Carnival 2017

When I moved I promised myself I would do more things and also try to discover new places in this new state. We decided to explore the McCall Winter Carnival, while this post will mostly be picspam (I hope you don’t mind), I just wanted to share this with you all.

McCall Winter Carnival includes food, Music, games, racing and ice sculptures. The Ice Sculptures were amazing! The food was amazing, I didn’t take pictures but I had a veggie quiche, while my husband had a breakfast burrito. Both plates included fresh fruit and coffee for around $12. They also had a couple of stalls around that sold wears like fresh honey, jewelry and wool sweaters as well as much more.

It was also freezing, and me not being used to the cold yet, it was a bit miserable when we had to walk back to the car.

There were 32 total Ice Sculptures, we only saw these, as most of the sculptures were scattered throughout the carnival.

These are just some of the pictures that we took of the parade, which I really enjoyed. I even got some beads and candies (some hit me in the head while I was taking pictures).

This is a week long Carnival so it’s going on right now until this weekend. If your in town check it out!

Settling in to my new house

We finally are here in our new house with internet and our stuff (it only took two freaking weeks of sleeping on an air mattress) but I am here and alive. I am currently setting up my stuff in my new house and I will hopefully post pictures soon. In the meantime follow my Instagram to see any updates and pictures of Tesla playing in the snow!

Of course the first thing I’m setting up is our kitchen cause you know coffee.


I even purchased a new coffee set for the occasion!

Like I said hopefully pictures soon!

wish me luck on setting everything up!

It’s finalized! We are moving.


So the reason I’ve been not updating as much this month is because we have been trying to finalize some plans. I wanted to talk about it so bad but I didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up (my own) and I didn’t want to say anything only to have to take them back later.


Remember our Trip to Boise?

Well we went for a Labor day Vacation, but we also went to see if we would love to move there. Well we decided and my husband is going to transfer his job up there and everything.

You must be wondering why we are going to leave California and move to Idaho of all places, well I’ll list those reasons in another post.

I just wanted to OFFICIALLY announce it to you all!

Wish me luck!