Health: Weigh me down

Something has gotta change, and that is me. I know I have been saying this for a while but I need to lose weight. I stepped on the scale the other day and I really did not like what I saw, and it is no ones excuse but my own. I have also been noticing a change in my body that I really do not like. 

I keep saying this, but I am in my thirties, I can’t keep doing this to my self and If I want to live a long happy life I need to start taking measures to make sure that happens. I’ve set a couple of easy goals for myself and make sure I develop healthy habits and routines

  1. Drink More Water
  2. Loose 5 pounds
  3. Absolutely no “Fast Food”
  4. Eat more Greens
  5. Be Active at least a Half an hour a day.

Hopefully with these goals I can see improvements. Once these goals are met I can expand upon them and create more easy goals to reach my most important one!

Lifestyle: Early Morning Hikes

I can’t sleep in anymore, it is a proven fact. So instead of sitting around on my butt, I decided to be active. So loading the dogs and my husband in the car we set off for an easy hike. The trail we went on was only 2.7 miles so if we added it up we only hiked 5.4. It’s been almost a year since I’ve hiked anything so we took it slow since we are trying to get into the groove of it.

While the scenery was not much to look at, as it was mostly hills with bushes, it was really the cool fresh air I was breathing and the conversation that was the main focus. Just taking time out to enjoy nature and the simple things in life is what makes times like these special. The only time I had my phone on me was to quickly take these pictures and then I just put it away. I almost snapchatted, but I decided not to. I just wanted to live in the moment and enjoy. I did a post on Instagram but that was much later.

Sometimes we need to remember that there are simple things we can do to make ourselves happy.

Healthy snack Subscription box*

When a box comes to your door filled to the brim with snacks, it makes your day 10 times better. OF course I soon as I opened my box of goodies, the hubby decides he wants to immediately grab all he wants and eats them while your back is turned. After the ambush, I was surprised at how much was still left in the box (he took quite a bit)

There’s Chips, Dips, and bars which a lot of other things that I can’t wait to try. So if you looking for something for yourself or need a healthy snack for your kids this HERE is the place to go.

Seriously, Are you Kidding me!?

Did I accidentally break a bunch of mirrors? Walk under tons of ladders? Spill a gallon of salt, because my luck seems to have hit the pits lately.

I’m in pain and currently on multiple medications. BECAUSE I HAVE A FREAKING BLADDER INFECTION!!!!!

It really is one of the worse things that happened to me this year and during my holy birthday month too! I have to pee every 5 minutes and It can’t stop and won’t stop.

One thing I can say is that I finally got my first paycheck with my new job, so I bought me some make-up (because we all know how much I need it…not) so I’ll post up my haul, most likely Monday, because I finally have another Sample Sunday planned for you all tomorrow. Exciting isn’t it?

Wish me luck on the peeing…

New Year Resolutions


Here we are lovelies, Another New Year, Another Resolution list.

I actually really like making resolutions, keeping them on the other hand, well that’s the hard part.

The List:

  1. Being Healthier
    – Drinking More Water
    – Eating a more balanced diet
    – Exercise more
  2. Being more Blog Proactive
    – Making Blog Goals
    – Updating more
    – Being more active in the blogging community
  3.  Take school more seriously
    – Study more
    – Devote more time out of school to school
    – Join a club
  4.  Do more ‘Fun’ things
    – Try new places
    – Explore my new state
    –  Watch more movies
  5. Read more books
    – Read at least 18 books
    – Step outside the ‘Reading’ box
  6. Exercise your creativity
    – Keep a Book and Bullet journal
    – Explore photography
    – Try new Creative outlets
  7. Spend more time with Tesla and Mordechai
  8. Don’t be aftraid to fail!

What are your Resolutions for this year?

Technology; Triple Bristle Sonic Tooth Brush

So on my quest to better my teeth due to my excessive coffee addiction (The smart thing to do would be to cut down on the coffee, but one step at a time right?) I’ve have decided to try something new. My old tooth brush was nothing fancy, it was not even electric. It was just a simple toothbrush given to me free from my dentist. No frills, no thrills, no excitement. Who needs to get excited about brushing their teeth.

Well I do. So I went out and got something exciting. This rechargeable toothbrush from Triple Bristle is about as exciting as you can get. While a bit intimidating to use as first I was surprised at home way it was to just plop into my mouth and start brushing.

2016-10-04-15-41-30 2016-10-04-15-40-59

The three speed settings let you brush at whatever pace you need. The normal setting is for all you folks out there that have normal non-sensitive coffee free teeth, while they have a sensitive setting that I use, cause you know I’m a sensitive individual. Last they have a pulse setting if you like to have things pulsing in your mouth…(that reads wrong I didn’t mean it in that way)

The toothbrush is Rechargeable, so when your done just set it into its base and boom it’s charging. It comes with an extra head too!

While it’s a bit expensive I think it’s worth it, but it’s. On sale right now for almost have the price on amazon so you can purchase it HERE.

#Smilefearlessly with Smile Brilliant*

Hello, My name is Kimberly and I am a coffee Addict. I drink coffee at least twice a day, If I don’t have my coffee then I become a moody monster. Now that’s not even the worse part. In fact drinking that much coffee gives me loads of problems, one of those are my teeth. Since I’ve started drinking so much coffee my teeth have been become stained in a way that I’ve noticed and it affects my self esteem and that affects my smile. Do you know how annoying it is for people to tell you to smile bigger? That I don’t smile showing my teeth? One of the first things I do when I meet someone is look at their teeth and compare them to mine. It’s weird I know, but I can’t help it! Teeth are important.

Well I finally found a solution to my problem. When I was contacted by Smile Brilliant to see if I wanted to try their Teeth whitening system I jumped at the chance to say goodbye yellow teeth and hello to a perfect smile.


Before I get into my review let me tell you a little about the company. Smile Brilliant was founded by Betty Shah. She created Smile Brilliant because she was tired of those Over-The- Counter products that not only didn’t work but can cost an arm and a leg. The only way to get your teeth whitened (and actually work) was to go to the dentist, but we know how that goes ($500+ for just those whitening trays alone). This wouldn’t be a problem if you were a celebrity but for us ‘average joe/jane’ coffee drinkers how could we afford it? Well since Betty had over 30 years of Dentistry experience she knew exactly how, so with 70% less than dentist and over 99.3% satisfaction rate, she gave us an alternative.


After ordering my trays It took only 1 day for it to be shipped out and I got it within two days. Which is pretty fast. Opening the kit I was a bit intimidated. The first step of the whitening process is the create my impressions (one for the top of my teeth and one for the bottom) by mixing the Catalyst and Base Paste and putting them in the trays. Even though they do send a extra mixture for the trays just in case there is a mistake I was still worried about screwing it up since I’m such a klutz. I took a deep breath, brushed and flossed my teeth then went about creating my putty.


Turns out I didn’t have to worry because it was extremely easy to make the impressions and I didn’t even have to use the extra mixtures (Go me!). Just make sure you don’t mix both pastes at the same time, make one impression first then start with the other. Making the impressions were a bit uncomfortable as I had to stuff the tray in my mouth and keep it there for a minute and a half, plus I kept drooling which was a little gross. When removing the impressions don’t wiggle as it can screw it up, for me they came out no problem.


I let them sit for 5 minutes before rinsing and drying them off. Smile Brilliant sends you a prepaid envelope so you can send the impressions back painlessly. I was able to send them off same day no problem. In total it took about 5 days from when I sent the impressions back to me. I started the teeth whitening process right away. You brush your teeth first without toothpaste and put a small strip of whitening gel in the trays then pop em in your mouth. At first your teeth may be a bit sensitive to the treatment but no worries Smile Brilliant also offers desensitizing gel that you can add on to your whitening kit to help prevent sensitivity after your whitening sessions


I could see a difference right away. I used the treatment every other day, however you can use it everyday if you wanted to! The photo below is my teeth after only a week of using the Treatment! I am going to continue using them as I have fallen in love with my teeth and refuse to go back to drab coffee teeth again.


Now as a present for all of you! Smile Bright is hosting a 2 week Giveaway for all of you lovely readings just go HERE and enter to win. Also if your interested in Purchasing the treatment (my recommendation) just use the code Upanelmstree to save some money of the purchase of your very own whitening kit

How have your teeth been looking lately? Are you ready to #SmileFearlessly?

*I was given the Product in exchane for a fair and honest review*

Home Remedies For Teeth Whitening

If The Kardashians can do it…*

No, I don’t want to be like the Kardashians (except I kinda do but not as annoying). The actual reason I’m writing this post is because I am trying out Waist Trainers which have recently been made a bit famous by the Kardashians. They eat, sleep and workout in these things and I have been given the chance to try one out.


I mostly wanted to use it as a way to sit up straighter. I am so many problems with my posture that has recently been coming back to bite my butt with lower back pains. So much so that It’s affecting my hips and walking. I am not even 30 yet, I really shouldn’t be having these types of problems.


So I sucked it in and got one. The Material is soft breathable and comfortable, I thought it would be a huge pain to put due to all the little hooks you have to fasten but it barely took me a minute (I’m thanking my years wearing  bra for this one). I though wearing it around during the summer would result in a sweaty uncomfortable mess of a body, but it didn’t make me feel any hotter than I should have been. The tiny holes in the fabric allow room for your body to breathe.


I really enjoyed wearing the corset, while I have a natural hourglass figure (you know when I actually show it off instead of wearing scrubs like I’m used to) it does define the shape of my body more. If you are looking for something to give you a hourglass figure definitely look for something like this. Plus it really does help with my back problems, as I have to sit up straighter and give my body the proper way to sit.


Two things to remember if your going to try a waist trainer. One, You need to train your body with it, don’t get it and immediately put it on and wear it all day. Start with a couple hours a day and gradually increase the duration each time. Two, this isn’t a magically fix it for your body. This won’t suddenly transform your shape into a Voluptuous vixen, This is there as a helper and motivator!

You can Purchase the one I’m using HERE

Have you Tried a waist Trainer? What do you think?

Fitness: Downward Dog Yoga App


I’ve been lazy everyone. Not just in a ‘Oh I will do it tomorrow’ kind of lazy but in a ‘Never gonna do it’ kind of lazy. Why? Well Motivation is a big factor, also it’s hot, I work full time and go to school, plus it just takes way too much time for me to do anything. Honestly those are just excuses I keep using and I really need to stop.


I found a way to get some fitness in while still maintaining all of my work. I’ve sort of stumbled upon Downward Dog app. Honest I thought it had to do with real dog before I realized it was a Yoga position (I am just a little slow). I decided to try it out even if it wasn’t about actual dogs or have any pictures of puppies or anything. I am so glad I did too because I really like it. It was super easy to sign up and although you have to be a member ($2.99 a month) to access most of the features, it is worth a try especially if your a beginner. 2016-09-09-00-36-06

I became a member and I was able to set the pace I want, change the difficulty and control the music. Can I just say that I was surprised which the music selection, they have accoustic when your in a soothing mood, or some beats to get your blood pumping. Another reason I paid to be a member was so I could control the length of times, which is anywhere from 10 minutes to 90 minutes depending on your difficulty. 2016-09-07-22-49-58

The Yogi Adrienne Kimberley has a very soothing voice and is very clear with her instruction on each position, if you have trouble following along with verbal instructions the screen will show the positions. I do Yoga before I shower at night as it is very relaxing to my body and helps me sleep.

I recommend this app to anyone who likes their fitness with mobility.

Have any favorite fitness apps?

Have I become too cynical?


I’m getting old guys, I know I may look like I’m 17, but I’m turning 30 next year and I am definitely not living it up like how I should.

Turning 30 doesn’t bother me actually, I’m actually excited and I am hoping it will finally make me feel like I am an adult (when will I ever start feeling like an adult?). What’s really been bothering me is my attitude.

I have seemed to become more cynical and negative.

I don’t know how to change it either, trying to be upbeat and positive just make me feel like I’m faking it, but staying the way I am will start to become a problem.

I used to be able to just binge watch a tv show, read books without there having to be some deeper hidden meaning. I also used to be way more patience.

Now it’s becoming so hard to just enjoy things. I have not been able to watch a single show without just wanting to skip to the end to see if I was right or if things get more interesting. Reading has become harder to do since I keep comparing it to real life. Why should this science fiction book about aliens be plausible!? I don’t see any aliens walking around in real life! Also I have not been caring about what I say in front of others and I think I have been hurting people feelings, also I don’t care that I hurt peoples feelings.

I feel like a freaking monster!