The freakiest thing that has ever happened to me.


Since Halloween is coming up to use soon I decided to get into the spirit  and tell you about the spookiest thing that has ever happened to me.

Honestly I don’t remember too much as I was kind of young. However my brother can tell you everything if asked.


When I was in first grade we lived in the valley.  The house was brand new and we were the first family to live there. One weekend I was really sick, my mom had to work so it was just my dad, my brother and I. I was wrapped up in my parents bed sleeping. My dad had  to go and pick up my prescription for my medication, so my brother was watching me.


This is where the story gets blurry. I remember waking up scared, so I huddled under the blankets and screamed. My brother came racing upstairs and saw me crying in terror. I couldn’t explain to him why I was so scared. It’s gets foggy for at this point but my brother states that suddenly my eyes roll into the bad of my head and I start talking in to guess and I make absolutely no sense. However everyone he tries to talk to me I spit about nonsense.


Finally my eyes unroll and I’m crying uncontrollably scared. My brother picks me up and rushes me downstairs where I apparently calm down where I am safe. My dad comes home to find my brother and I huddled together in the downstairs den where we are crying. He checks the house and everything is fine.


We can’t explain what happened and it never happened again. I’m thinking because I was sick I was hallucinating however my brother said the entire time it was freezing in the room and we could see our breath evert I me we breathed or talked.


Whatever it was, it was freaking.