Five Friday Faves

Hello, Hello


How is everyone doing? I am pretty happy, this week was pretty good despite me really not doing anything. I was productive on my blogs, I am a head of my reading to be done, and so far nothing has been too bad (knock on wood). Let me share with you five things I’ve loved about this week.


  1. My new workstation!

    So I bought a desk, it’s been a while since I’ve actually had a place of my own that I can work off of. I didn’t have enough room before so to have a small little corner where I can work on my things makes me tremendously happy!
  2. The Expanse
    I’ve read the first book in the series and I was finally able to watch the first season of the show on Amazon. I have enjoyed it, and I can’t wait to watch the second season (and read the second book), Hopefully I’ll write about it in a Currently Watching
  3. Part Time Job
    While I did not need to get a job, I am the type that needs to have my own money and independence. I as able to find a part time job so I can purchase some of my stuff I really want without breaking our budget.
  4. My new Coffee machine

    Now more than ever I need coffee, with my part time job and school I am running on fumes. Our Keurig just stopped working suddenly one day and we immediately had to run out and get a replacement, instead of getting another keurig we decided to get a actual coffee maker. After a little getting used to it, I can finally make some good coffee
  5. Spring Break
    Spring break is next week and while I still do have work I don’t have to worry about getting up early for school. Woot!


Five Friday faves

This week has been productive but crazy and I can’t say I’m not glad that it’s almost over. Despite this feelings there has been some great moments, and I will share some of those moments as well as just things I have enjoyed this past week.

I’ve always wanted one of these planners, and my husband brought me home one as a surprise, I’ll definitely post a review and a closer look at the actual planner.

we went out to eat for my husbands birthday and got this beautiful sashimi platter. I felt bad that our waitress had to carry it though.

I’ve gotten to enjoy getting time to read, especially since I’ve been scheduling properly so far. let’s hope I don’t slip up

I’ve actually been enjoying this semester at school and I hope this lasts until I graduate, my subjects are more appealing.

I’ve been really enjoying my bookstagram account and the community. This is not a shameful self-promotion, I really do love this account. It let’s me be creative and do insta challenges.

What did you love this week?

Five Friday Faves

If this week has taught me anything It’s that you have got to enjoy the simpler things in life. We had a couple of setbacks with the move, one of those being that a blizzard has held up our moving truck so nothing got delivered on time, no internet means no posting on my blog 🙁 and moving costs a hell of a lot of money. I was very tempted to do a Five Friday unfaves because a lot of stuff seemed to have gone wrong, but I want to think more positively, You can check out weeks Five Friday Faves as well.

First Lush Bath Bomb

So to celebrate my move and give myself a pick me up I went to LUSH. Boy was a glad I did. It improved my mood immensely, plus with the snow storm we had I needed something to help my skin. I also got my first bath bomb, as you all should know my bath tub at my last house was broken so finally able to use a bathbomb is amazing!

Tortilla with Queso Fresco

My mom used to feed this to me as a snack as a child and since I was feeling a bit homesick for my family and my old city I needed a bit of comfort. It’s simple and affordable and I love it.

EOS Lip balm

My lips are in bad shape, this (real) winter weather is not helping at all. I had this EOS Lip balm in my purse and I am so glad I did. It has seriously saved my lips.


I have finally got to see snow! Being a Southern California girl you don’t get to really experience the winter. While I can gripe about the cold, and it being wet, there is just something about curling up with a book and some hot coffee while everywhere around you is blanketed in soft white.

Trader Joe’s Instant Coffee

This was such a life saver. Hello Coffee addict and while yes, I could have gotten Starbucks I am not made of money people! My coffee maker was stuck in a storm and unable to make it to me so I had to get a cheap alternative, while not the absolute best coffee it was enough to get me buy. THANK YOU.

What got you through this cold week?

Five Friday Faves

So glad I can do this again!

This week although very busy and tiring was filled with bright points.


Chewbacca onesie is so warm and comfortable! Early Christmas Present from my husband whom is just great!!

Had some great sushi at Onshima Japanese Grill. We said goodbye to some friends with great food and beer.


Tesla Wearing a penguin hat because she’s so cute and she makes me smile!


This is called Loteria. It’s pretty much like Bingo, but they use cards and you use pennies to cover what you get. We played with my family and it was so much fun, but also really competitive.


Mordechai finally calming down after moving. He’s being moving nonstop like a ninja for days…

Hope you have seen the brighter side of your week like I did! What did you do?