#FashionFriday POP fit

Before I start I am in no way affiliated with POP fit, but they are having their Black Friday sale just use Code POPFriday for a buy 1 get 2 free. 

Now I recently purchased a pair of their pants because A) they said they are #squatapproved, B) They were having a sale and I could afford it, and C) they have pockets (on certain styles). 

I purchased the Lily because pockets and I loved the little detail on the calf. I purchased a medium and it fit perfectly and contoured to my body like a glove. This is great because I have a curvy body and I find it hard to get workout pants that don’t bunch, or feel uncomfortable. These were so comfortable. The second thing I noticed is that yes, I can bend over in them and not have everyone know what the pattern on my underwear is, so YAY! 

The other pants I got were the Ava with pockets. They too fit amazingly, and I actually really liked the little cutouts, at first I was hesitant because I didn’t want my legs to look like little rolls that were trying to come through the cutouts. I didn’t have to worry though because they looked great. I will say that sadly these are not squat proof as my husband was able to tell the color of the panties I was wearing when I bent over, he did admit though that you have to be staring pretty hard to tell. 

Overall I really like these workout pants and will be taking advantage of their Black Friday deals!

#FashionFriday Thredup Haul

2017-12-01 14.24.31

I’ve been trying to thrift more clothing lately. Not only to save money, but one of my cousins who has always worked in high fashion has recently begun to be an advocate of thrifting. Apparently, fashion is the 3rd biggest pollution industry in the world! Anyway, I’ve decided to try Thredup They recently had a 40% off deal that I just couldn’t pass up. First of I gotta say it was incredibly easy purchasing the clothing, plus I actually trust the site to have quality control and make sure everything was of good quality. I always get nervous buying clothes online and I think buying used/thrift clothing is even worse.

The brown Maurice jacket is really comfortable, not as warm as I was hoping it would be. I love the zip up and the giant buttons. I have a thing for giant buttons! Since we moved here to Idaho winters are colder so I’ve been looking for warm jackets that don’t drain my bank account.

I really love the star burgundy Zara cardigan is really warm, almost warmer than the jacket. It is also the most comfortable cardigan EVER! Okay, that may be an overdramatization since I have not worn every cardigan, but it’s close. It is a bit chunky but I love it. There are also 2 small pockets on the front for carrying small things if needed.

The Gloria Vanderbilt Kakis are exactly what they are. There seems to be some slight fading but it’s not so bad. there is zipper at the knee so you can make them shorts on warmer days.

The pink and black Annabelle dress is gorgeous, I bought it especially for my company Christmas party. It’s slightly thinner than I thought it would be and I hope it is not see through. If it is, a slip should suffice!

What do you think of my haul? Have you ever tried ThredUp?