Big Haul

I did a lot of black Friday shopping (Online because I say no to hectic crowds and shopping on Thanksgiving). I did get everything because unfortunately there was a mistake on one of my orders, but everything got fixed and the missing item is currently on the way. So shall we dive in to what I got?

From PopFit:

The Stevie w/ Pockets in Olive
Stella w/ pockets in Purple
Stella w/ pockets in Black and Gold

From e.l.f cosmetics:

Whipped Plumping Mask (Not pictured because they forgot to ship it, it is on its way though)
Pop of Glitter Makeup transformation Gel
Acne Fighting Foundation
Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser 
Natural Glow Lotion w/ aloe in Brightening Rose

Here we have:

Wet n Wild Pigment in Ice, Ice
Essence The Gel Polish in Red Hot Chili
Essence  The Gel Polish in Pink Panther!
L.A. Colors  Color Craze Polish in 122

The Daily Ritual   Exfoliating Sugar Scrub
Vanicream  Gentle Facial Cleanser
St. Ives  Gentle Soothing Face Scrub and Mask in Oatmeal
Acure  Brightening Face Mask

Melao 24k Gold Facial Mask
Jade + Opal Revitalizing Eyemask
Bonus gold eye patches – free gift

#FashionFriday: Pink Lightning Bolt Earrings

It’s been a while since I showcased some earrings ( or any Jewelry at all) which is sad because I love jewelry. I love wearing fun, bring jewelry and accessories because it tends to brighten my mood. 

I really need to brighten my mood because lately it has been so cold and gloomy outside, and not we are getting a huge storm coming in the next couple days with a possibility of snow, so bright colored, fun, and flirty accessories are really want I need right now!

#FashionFriday POP fit

Before I start I am in no way affiliated with POP fit, but they are having their Black Friday sale just use Code POPFriday for a buy 1 get 2 free. 

Now I recently purchased a pair of their pants because A) they said they are #squatapproved, B) They were having a sale and I could afford it, and C) they have pockets (on certain styles). 

I purchased the Lily because pockets and I loved the little detail on the calf. I purchased a medium and it fit perfectly and contoured to my body like a glove. This is great because I have a curvy body and I find it hard to get workout pants that don’t bunch, or feel uncomfortable. These were so comfortable. The second thing I noticed is that yes, I can bend over in them and not have everyone know what the pattern on my underwear is, so YAY! 

The other pants I got were the Ava with pockets. They too fit amazingly, and I actually really liked the little cutouts, at first I was hesitant because I didn’t want my legs to look like little rolls that were trying to come through the cutouts. I didn’t have to worry though because they looked great. I will say that sadly these are not squat proof as my husband was able to tell the color of the panties I was wearing when I bent over, he did admit though that you have to be staring pretty hard to tell. 

Overall I really like these workout pants and will be taking advantage of their Black Friday deals!

What is in my purse?*

*This post may contain affiliate links*

I’ve actually never done a post like this but it has been done by bloggers for a long time so I decided ‘why not?’, since it looks like a lot of fun and gives some details into my life.

In the spring and summer I like using small bright purses (as well as tote bags) to carry around my things. This is mostly because I am a lot more mobile during these times, especially since the weather is awesome.

Using a small purse also helps me carry a lighter load and filter out the trash and products that I don’t need at the moment. I am currently using this cute pink purse (which you can purchase here). I purchased it on discount and I love it. The straps are long enough to use it like a cross body but I love the size and look. There is a small zipper pocket inside which carries the necessities. I like the minimalist design, since it only has a small crown on it, I picked pink because I don’t have many purses this shade, but it is super cute. I wasn’t worried about it looking like a child’s purse either since it is big enough to be different. Either way I love it! It also comes in a couple different colors if pink isn’t your favorite.

Got this wallet for only $10. Love the cute pineapple print and it matches the brightness of my purse!

Of course I have to have my sunglasses, considering that Independence day is in July I like to use these babies.

 Hand lotion is a must in my purse especially since I am constantly using it through out the day, currently I am using Nivea soft hands moisturizer. I don’t like the twist off top but it is great travel size. For my lips I am using Vasoline creme brulee lip therapy and when I want to add I little color I use elf lip balm tint in a pretty rose color.

These are the necessities that have to have in every purse, tampons, advil and a hairtie! What do you have in your purse?

Fashion: #OOTD Green Summer

I haven’t had much time to take pictures of me wearing the clothes, since surprisingly I have been extremely busy. I am trying to wear less black and different types of sandals than flip flops. I’ve been going for more lightweight shirts, and I really love this one I recently purchased from HERE while I did not like the fact I had to order up, I did fall in love with it. The shirt is made of 95% Viscoce, 5% Spandex and has this weird combination of being clingy but loose. The shoes are a taupe wrap sandal from bamboo that is extremely comfortable. I love the simple yet stylish look of them. The shorts are old from Cotton on but they are really comfortable and perfect for a day of relaxing or walking around the farmers market (which is how I have been spending my days). I went with a comfortable style and didn’t go for accessories mostly because I wanted to be simple. I used a tote bag to complete the look.

what have you been wearing?

Fashion: Guilty Pleasures – Tote bags

I have quite a few purses. I like having them, and like sunglasses, they can be colorful and extremely expressive. However, I noticed something when looking through them the other day. I have a ridiculous amount of tote bags

I think every woman should have a tote bag for those summer beach days, but I may have too many. How I got them? I am not sure. Will I stop getting them? Absolutely not. I like the idea of just tossing my wallet and a couple of essentials into a tote bag and heading out on an adventure, plus I like to have different ones to choose from. Having a tote bag for every. Considering how fickle my mood can sometimes be, I really actually need multiple ones.

I will say that I don’t use tote bags for any “fancy” times, but using one during spring and summer can make a rather dull outfit fun! What do you think about tote bags?

Fashion: Guilty Pleasures – Sunglasses


As you can see I absolutely love sunglasses! While yes they are made to protect your eyes from the sun, they are also the perfect ways to accessorize. Sunglasses have so much character and color and it can be one of the first things people notice when they see you. I love having a variety of Sunglasses at my disposal, so I can wear what ever matches my outfit or mood. I have silly fruit sunglasses, cheap sunglasses, designer, different colors and designs. I absolutely love em all! It doesn’t even matter what price (although I do stop myself if they are too expensive, like jeez I’m not that crazy) or style they are. I want to them all!


Fashion: Wild Diva – Slip on Sandals

Who wants to wear shoes when you’re hot and sweaty? With summer coming up and a puppy who has just figured out that mommy gets mad when you eat her shoes, I decided to order some sandals. Now I like shoes and sandals that have character, I’m a big fan of anything unique or fun and when I saw these Wild Diva Slip Ons on Zulily I knew I wanted them. Now If you are not familiar with Zulily then you know that it is sort of like Hautelook, where they have discounted name brands that you can buy if you like, The shipping does take a while, however. I received these within 2 weeks so I was not too upset about the long shipping.

They really need to be broken in as they are super stiff and it is a bit hard to shove my feet into them and go. If you have wide feet you may want to stretch these out a bit before any long wear time. I was a bit hesitant about buying white sandals as white does show dirt easier than other colors.  I decided to just bite the bullet as it is all about trying new things and just making myself happy.

The heart and thundercloud designs are colorful and creative and give the sandals a fun twist. Plus it’s sewed on surprisingly well so I am not worried that they are going to fall off.


Fashion: Guilty Pleasures – Statement Tshirts

There are some days that dresses, slacks, or heels don’t fit into your fashion choice. Sometimes you gotta just put on a pair of tennis, jeans and rock a t-shirt. Of course no one said you cant dress it up a bit with some accessories! More often than not though when I got for this look I usually end up picking a t-shirt that has a witty saying, music lyrics or something a bit sarcastic. Looking through my closet I noticed I seem to have a abundance of these t-shirts, when this started I honestly have no idea. However, I really love buying them and I doubt I will stop anytime soon. I especially love the ones that have to do with music.


What is your Guilty Pleasure Fashion?

*Sports Bra Review*

I am back and I am so happy to be blogging. Finals are over and I have the whole summer to bring my blog up to something I love. This summer I wanted to focus more on my health, mental and physical. So of course I need to get me some new clothes! Seeing a chance to get some bright colors into my wardrobe I jumped at a chance to pick up this front zip sports bra. I was surprised that the material was soft and stretchy, so putting on my bright unicorn leggings I tried to put on this matching bra…

It wouldn’t zip…

This was my size, it was not too small. The zipper just kept getting stuck. When the zipper finally did zip up it broke. I was so disappointed. This is such a cute bra and the bra itself seems like it was made with some nice quality material. I guess they cheapen out on the zipper. It felt like a plastic zipper toy. Had the zipper worked I would have jumped at the chance to recommend this product with no problem. As of right now I say you can try your luck and see if maybe I just have bad luck, cause I kinda do to be honest.

I am going to try to fix this because it looks like such a pretty and great bra to workout in. Just wish they would have gotten a better zipper. You can try your luck and see if this was just a faulty one. Purchase the bra HERE