#SkincareSunday – My Morning Skincare Routine

I have a pretty tame morning routine, mostly because I don’t have as much time in the morning than when I do at night. So my morning skincare routine needs to be quick.

First things first, I do not use a cleanser in the morning. Instead, I use Micellar water. I don’t need to use a cleanser because I use one at night and I should not be having a build-up of [too much] dirt while sleeping, if you are maybe you should wash your sheets more. Micellar water cleanses my skin while giving it a refreshing boost. It won’t strip my face of the natural oils so I won’t dry out my skin. I was using the Bioderma Sensibio h2o  micellar water because I got a sample of it. Usually, I use Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water.

For those days if I have time or get up earlier than I expected I use a quick 5-10 minute face mask such as the elf Mattifying Mask or Acure Brightening Face Masks these masks are gentle on my face and give my skin a quick boost, especially for those foundation-free days.

Next I use a toner like the Botanics Cleansing toner to help with the Ph balance of my skin. This toner also freshens and brightens my skin as well.

After the toner, I like using a cream-like serum like my favorite Physicians Formula Rose All Day oil-free serum or elf soothing serum It helps to moisturize my face while helping with texture and wrinkles.

Lastly, I use a gentle moisturizer for my sensitive skin. I like to use elf daily hydration moisturizer, it’s inexpensive and the pump on top makes for quick and easy use. They add a little sunscreen and you are good to go.

How is your morning routine?

Beauty: ELF Sculpting Silk Eyeshadow

You would never expect that a $4 palette named Rose All Day can work so well but ELF Cosmetics seem to be able to consistently give quality products at affordable prices. 

I got this palette as a free gift in a past order, but with fall approaching I was finally able to break this baby out. It blends well together and actually does not have too much fallout. Of course, I do recommend using primer when using this, but I do recommend that for any eyeshadow. 

The color doesn’t quite remind me of Rose considering the name, honestly it just looks like different variations of brown. However, I can’t fault it considering that this is Vegan and Cruelty free.

#SkincareSaturday ELF Skincare

So E.L.F has really upped their game lately and I am really impressed. How they are able to provide quality items but still staying affordable is beyond me. a while ago they stepped into skincare and I knew I immediately wanted to try them out. I purchased 4 of their products to share with you all, but their range is bigger and I can’t wait to try their others.

e.l.f. Illuminating eye cream is only $10 which for how much you get is a pretty great deal. This cream is in their oily skin line and is meant to help with dark circles and hydrate. Containing ingredients like jojoba and cucumber it is safe for sensitive skin. While it does help with dark circles it felt a little greasy when I applied it to the skin underneath my eye. It did go away but it took longer than I would have liked to soak in.

e.l.f Nourishing night cream available for $12, is surprisingly hydrating, and I found a little goes a long way. This absorbs quicker than the eye cream and does not have that greasy feeling. I found it be very good on my sensitive skin, this also has jojoba and cucumber but you can feel the aloe and shea butter as well. This is a winner.

e.l.f Daily Hydration moisturizer is available for $8, I use this in the morning and I found myself using slightly more of this moisturizer than the night cream. This does have the same ingredients as the other products with added grape antioxidants and bilberry to round it out.


e.l.f soothing serum is available at $12 and meant to help sooth and strengthen the skin. I really like this for the winter months as an extra hydration boost. Since my skin gets super dry in the winter this helps a lot.


I can’t say enough how much I love e.l.f and their products. You will definitely be seeing more of their skincare line on this blog as time goes on. I can’t wait to see how they expand. I want to try their melt cleanser and bubble mask.

ELF Precision Liquid Eyeliner Review

ELF precision Liquid Liner

Hey kittens!

So I’ve recently been wanting to try out more liquid liners, but with my current money situation (or lack there of ) I haven’t had a chance to purchase any new liners. Thank you ELF and their affordable cosmetics.

I’ve recently obtained their Precision Liquid Eyeliner in black and to be honest I’ve had my doubts. While I absolutely adore most of their products I have not had any luck with any of their liners. I’m not sure if it’s because my lids are oily or their formula is wonky, but most of their liners smear, crack or run and by the end of the day I look a mess. Read more