Wednesday Wine Not!?

First of all I am not really qualified to critique wine. I don’t go to wine competitions, I don’t smell my wine then sip it, gargle and spit it out. (Honestly I don’t know if they actually do that.)

I however drink a lot of wine (and cocktails, and beer, and other drinks that don’t have alcohol) so I thought Wine not!? (am I cheesy?). Why Can’t I write about it on my blog? I totally can because guess what, this is MY blog. I stated in my blog goal post that I wanted to be more creative with my blog, so this is me being creative (cue that song).

I picked up the Bartenura 2015 Moscato because the bottle was a pretty blue. I picked the Moscato because my husband is trying to enjoy drinking wine with me and he likes the crisper sweet wines (while I can pretty much drink anything that does not taste like rubbing alcohol). This was not expensive at all around $15 maybe.

Apparently the Bartenura Moscato is from Italy and they boast they have some of the best wines in world. They claim to have hints of pears, tangerines, nectar and melon in this wine. I did get the pars and nectar with a tiny hint of tangerines, no melon though. The sweetness of the wine was not over powering like some I have tasted, with the citrus that you get from the tangerines this was a very refreshing drink. This wine reminds of a drink on a hot day and would be perfect for mimosas or you can use this to make some peach sangria.

Is this one of the best wines in the world? Probably not, but for the price this is amazing.

I’d pair this wine with some fruits, probably strawberries or peaches. If you want something to balance the sweet definitely some dark chocolate dessert of some sort. I could have drank the whole bottle if I wanted to (I didn’t, I have control). It is only 5% alcohol so it’s on the lighter side for some of you that can’t handle the heavy stuff.

I really do recommend this wine to those sweet drinkers (or anyone really).

If you second guessing if you should have that glass of wine just ask yourself, Wine Not?

Life In Color: November Instagram

I have been so active on instagram this month due to I spend a majority of it packing up my house and being miserable. Hopefully I will be able to be more active once this moving stuff is done with. However if you would like to follow me on instagram I would love to discover new people and be insta-friends! That was lame. I’m lame sorry.


Things I did this month besides moving

  • Neighbors house caught on fire. (no one got hurt!)
  • Drank some beer
  • Last day of work
  • Purchase some cold weather clothes (hopefully on the blog soon)
  • Watched my cat be weird

How did your month go?