Healthier Me: Kennocha Bay Teas!

*Products were given for a fair and unbiased review*

I’ve been wanted to drink more teas but I was not sure if I wanted a detox tea or just buy a mixed bunch. However when I saw the chance to try Kennocha Bays Skintox and Relax tea I jumped at the chance.

Skintox Tea

Kennocha Bay Skintox tea promotes Detoxification,Anti-aging, maintaining and protection of skin as well as much more. Skintx contains green ta and flower pollen (which is rich in anti-oxidants and amino acids) this tea takes 4-5 minutes to brew.

This tastes just like green tea to me, which I love to drink and do drink on a regular basis. I’ve actually noticed my skin looking fresher and less dry than normal which is hard to my skin during the winter months.

relax tea

The second tea I received is the Kennocha Bay Relax tea. this promotes De-stress, Detoxification and  restful sleep. I have a lot of troubled with my sleep and most nights I gt 3-5 hours max. Relax tea contains Chamomile, Saffron, Ginger root, Lemon grass and much more. It takes about 5-7 minutes to brew. This tea also smells so good!

The relax tea is much more bitter than the other tea, and I recommend added a bit of honey to make it a bit less harsh. This may be a bit hard to drink otherwise on non-tea drinkers. I was actually pretty surprised that this tea does actually relax me. I find that drinking the tea after a stressful day at work helps me unwind. I however do not see any changes to my sleep pattern sadly.

Both of these teas are great and I highly recommend both of them, especially the skintox tea!

If You would like to Purchase the Kennocha Bay Skintox Tea you can do that HERE.

You can also Purchase Kennocha Bay Relax Tea HERE.




Sample Sunday III

Caudalie instant detox mask

So every Sunday night I like to do what I call ‘Facial Fun Time’. On this day I like to use new face and hair products and just give my face that bit of extra boost for the week to come.

This past sunday I used my sample of Caudalie Instant Detox Mask. I’ve never used any Caudalie products before so I had no high or low expectation going in. The sample was a bit tiny but theres a surprisingly large amount of product, you can easily get a least two uses from it.

The Mask spread easily and you only need a thin layer on your face. It takes about 10 minutes to dry. When I put it on I felt a tingling sensation right away. It was not painful but just felt weird. I took it to mean it was working and my face just really needed it. (may have been a mistake)

I noticed it did not dry evenly, not sure why that is. It was also surprisingly dificult to clean off my face. I used warm water and a clean wash cloth. I had to go over my face several times before I got the mask completely off.

My skin is very sensative and when I was dome getting the mask off,  my face was very red and irritated.

So it’s safe to say this is not recommended for sensitive skin, and because of that I will not be purchasing the fill size.