Milk Cosmetics *Cruelty Free*

2017-05-03 13.13.35

So you all know that I went to Sephora and got myself a couple of Birthday Presents. The Headliner kit from Milk was one of them. I’m trying to use more Cruelty Free products and when I saw this brand I pretty much fell in love. I so love simplicity and modern style so I was pretty excited to grab this little sample kit.

Milk Cosmetics prides themselves on being cruelty free and giving you the best make up technology with the most natural ingredients possible. They seem like a fun energetic brand.

Included in this kit are:

  • Cooling Water
  • Ubame Mascara
  • Dip Out Lip Color
  • Micellar Water Make up remover wipe.

2017-05-03 13.20.07

The Cooling Water is meant to be applied around your eyes when they are puffy or just when it’s a bit of a hot day and you need a bit of a refresher.

There’s no fragrance to the Cooling Water so you don’t have to worry about any unwanted smells

The Container is quick and easy to open and use plus you can just twist the bottom to push it up and get more.

I have yet to have to use this, however with the recent spike in temperature I may need to get this out.






2017-05-03 13.15.54

The Ubame Mascara is made from Ubame Oak Charcoal and Sapphire dust. I’ve never heard of any of those products in a mascara before.

Once again no weird smell (yay)

The applicator is easy to use even if I did think it a little long, It brushed through my lashes pretty good and was very pigmented. It added both volume and length but not to the extreme.

The mascara was also very easy to take off with my make up eraser. so no lash pulling for me





. 2017-05-03 13.13.49

This is a Vegan Product that includes ingredients like Shea butter and coconut oil. It is also suppose to a Melt Technology that makes it instantly glide over your lips no problem

This was super pigmented and I can tell that this lip color would last all day. Dip Out is a wine like color that is perfect for fall.

I wouldn’t necesscarily say this glided over my lips. The texture was super weird and because of the Demi-Matte finished (which honestly didn’t look DEMI matter but rather full matte) you were able to see every crack and line that my lip had to offer. Was not very flattering.





The Make up wipe has yet to be use, but I’ll keep it in my bag for one of those just in case situations. So what do you think about MILK cosmetics?.

Cruelty Free Wet N Wild Make Up Haul

As I mentioned in this post HERE, while waiting for a prescription to be filled I decided to peruse the Make up aisle.

Recently I made a decision to be more conscious about Vegan and Cruelty free products. To my utter disappointment the only brand I was able to find that was Cruelty Free was Wet N’ Wild. Come on people it’s the year 2017 can be stop testing products on animals please!?

Anyway I do love Wet N Wild and I have featured some of their products on my blog before, plus they were having a buy 2 for $5 deal which was pretty awesome.

The Haul

2 Perfect Pout Gel Lip Balm in Tease and Love
MegaSlim Skinny Mascara in Black
The Saving Base Nail Polish
Hard As Ice Top Coat
Large Eyeshadow Brush
Foundation Brush
Flat Top Brush

I cannot wait to use all the products and let you all know how they work. I’m especially excited for the gel lip balms!

Indie Beauty; Botanical Lipstick *Cruelty Free*

2016-11-05-14-28-181 2016-11-05-14-28-53

I’ve wanted to try more indie brands lately, I do love the well know brands like Urban Decay and Rimmel London, but you kinda do see those plastered all over other blogs. Plus Indie Brands tend to be Cruelty Free which is what I have been trying to be more cautious of.

I decided to try out Skin2Spirit Botanical Lipstick. The lipstick is meant to Moisturizer your lips and is loaded with shea butters and moisturizing oils. I picked the color Cherry Plum because I felt it would go well with my skin tone which brightening my lips. While the packaging is not so great, in fact the top of the lipstick was messed up when I first opened it, and I don’t think I can fully extend the lipstick out without it breaking.

The Lipstick itself is really nice. It goes on very smooth and feels moist on my lips. The lasting power is just okay but I feel it would definitely need a sealer to stay on more than a couple of hours.

All in all I don’t regret the purchase, however I won’t be purchasing another lipstick.

Pardon My Pretty Body Lotion (Cruelty free product!)

Pardon my pretty Body lotion

First Impression:

  • Smells good
  • Smell is not too strong
  • Great size


What it’s suppose to do?

  • Boost Hydration
  • Improve Skin Texture
  • Improve skin tone


What’s in it?

  • Vitamin A & C
  • Artic Vitamins (?)
  • Cranberry Extract
  • Blueberry Extract


First of all this brand does not test on animals so if your looking for some Cruelty free products look this brand up!


Now onto the review, I love the smell of this lotion. The smell is not overly strong, and does not irritate my allergies, something that fragrance lotions tend to do. It really does have that Out of the Shower smell that reminds me of being clean. I like being clean. I am not sure if it does improve skin texture or skin tone as I don’t really tend to have a problem in that area, however I can attest to the boosting of the hydration.


This lotion makes my skin ridiculously soft!  The price is pretty affordable too! Definitely try this out and let me know what you think? Meanwhile I will be looking into Pardon My Pretty’s other products