Clairol Volume infused Shampoo &Conditioner Review

Clairol Hair Food


Going to target for what was suppose to be a quick trip (it never is!) I realized I had to get new shampoo and Conditioner (which of course added another hour to my already LONG visit). I’ve had no luck in the Hair department lately just using products that seem to damage my already fragile hair. I’ve had breakage, oily hair, split ends and flat hair and it seems that no matter what I use it doesn’t help.Seeing Clairol Hair food Infused volume shampoo and conditionerĀ I was intrigued and so picked up the duo and headed towards checkout.

I am so happy I picked this up, not only does my hair have more volume but it feels softer and more manageable, plus it smells amazing. So amazing even my husband loves the smell and he doesn’t like anything. I am so happy I picked this duo up! I’ve been using it for a week and a half and the results are great. I am definitely going to keep using this!

Have you ever tried Clairol Hair food? What do you currently use on your hair now?