Lifestyle: Cheeto is tongue tied

Cheetos is an unusual cat. Not only does she have constant energy, but she sounds like a motor when she purrs. Another thing that makes her stand out from any of the other cats I have had before is that she likes to sleep with her tongue out. I’ve never had a cat that has done that before.

Lifestyle: Introducing Mordechai

I think I have mentioned Tesla before but since I am not longer writing on Barking up the Tree and will start writing about my pet adventures here I want to give all my pets a introduction so you can get to know them. Mordechai is the oldest and therefore should go first! Warning: Pic Spam Ahead!

Mordechai has an extremely calm and easy going personality. He is one of the most friendliest cats I have ever had.  He does get anxious however when he goes to the vet, his absolutely least favorite place in the world.

Mordechai loves to burrow under the blanket and cuddle.  This usually results in a paw to the face when he decides to do this. It is gentle though no claws! He also has a knack for climbing and can be spotted sleeping in high places. He also really likes laying on shoes and clothes.

Mordechai is my 10 thousand dollar cat. He has had a quite a bit of health problems, none of which he is a fault for. This is what stemmed his fear of vet. He has prevailed though and has seemed to prosper despite this.

Mordechai has long hair grey hair with stripes. He loves getting brushed so his long hair is not a problem to groom. He likes to groom himself though and gets hairballs. Sometimes he does get some poopie bits stuck in his long fur and neither of us like when that happens.

Mordechai is very tolerant of his siblings.  Despite being the oldest of his siblings he still has the energy to play. He can be seen most mornings chasing Cheeto around the house.

Mordechai likes to groom his siblings and is learning to get along with Auri. His favoritesibling is probably Tesla as she gives him his space and cuddles when needed.


A To Z of Me; ABC Is Easy…

So I’ve seen these A To Z of me posts going around for a couple of different bloggers and I thought ‘I WANT TO DO THAT TOO!’. While I didn’t want to do a Gigantic post of the alphabet but I didn’t want to break each letter up into individual posts, I thought doing a couple of letters at a time should be easier.

So here are the ABC’s of me.

A Is For… Autumn


The first thing that comes to mind is apple… and while I do like apples that is totally not what I am going for instead I am going to go with Autumn since it’s my favorite holiday. While I did a First day of Autumn post, where I briefly talked about why I love Autumn so much, what I didn’t talk about is a lot of my important dates happen in Autumn. I met, dated and got married to my husband during this season. My Favorite Holiday Thanksgiving is during this season. Autumn is the time my family tends to start getting together. Autumn is just magical, for the cooling weather to the changes of color, I absolutely love it.

B is for… Beauty

Make up haul

This on was easy, hello I started this blog out as a primary Beauty blog, before I evolved it into what it is today. I am always looking for new beauty products to try, it’s a passion I can’t see myself stopping anytime soon, and I really don’t want to. I am not just talking about outside beauty products either, but even inside beauty. That’s something I am still striving for and trying to achieve.

C is For… Cat and Coffee

2016-10-01-11-00-16 2016-10-14-15-43-55

Well I love Mordechai he’s a cat even if he can be a little butt some (okay a lot) of the time, but I love his little hairy butt. I am also a avid Cat fashion lover. If it has a cat on it somewhere, I will want it. Also… Coffee! I love coffee, I may drink way too much of it, but I love it none the less. Give me a nice Cold brew or a hot pumpkin spice and I’ll be your friend forever.

What are your ABC’s?

Just another reminder I’m a Crazy Cat Lady

So guess who just got shoes with cat faces on them?Cat Face ShoesYup it’s this girl and I am absolutely in love with them. They meet my criteria for greatness.

  1. They are comfortable
  2. I can wear them whenever I want
  3. They have a animal face right in front for everyone to see

So as you can see it doesn’t take a lot to make this women fall madly in love (with shoes). They are so cute I love wearing them with jeans and a crisp white tee.