I am here!


So, I wanted to redesign my blog to suit how I want to be rebranded. Unfortunately, it’s taking longer than I would like. I wanted to have a grand opening, but I decided instead of letting my blog sit unused I wanted to start posting again! Well it’s March, my birthday month! I’m turning 31 and I really want to start being the person I want to be end up being. I am hoping to do more outdoor activities and more lifestyle aimed posts while still doing beauty and fashion. So stay tuned!

Also, if there is something that you want to see on this blog I would love to hear all about it!

New Year Resolutions

I did not do too well in 2017. I sort of threw all the resolutions I had out the window. I lost a lot of motivation and really just stopped taking care of myself. I am hoping to change all that. It will require a lot of work on my part physically and mentally but I am willing to try (there is no try, only do or not do. Totally quoted that wrong…)

So this is a general resolutions list really.

  • Be more Active!
  • Read More
  • Drink more water
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things
  • Budget
  • Post more on the blogs.
  • Take more time for yourself

So that’s my list. I will start with small goals that eventually lead to a bigger goal. I’ll try to keep track of any progress so that I can keep you all updated!

Seriously, Are you Kidding me!?

Did I accidentally break a bunch of mirrors? Walk under tons of ladders? Spill a gallon of salt, because my luck seems to have hit the pits lately.

I’m in pain and currently on multiple medications. BECAUSE I HAVE A FREAKING BLADDER INFECTION!!!!!

It really is one of the worse things that happened to me this year and during my holy birthday month too! I have to pee every 5 minutes and It can’t stop and won’t stop.

One thing I can say is that I finally got my first paycheck with my new job, so I bought me some make-up (because we all know how much I need it…not) so I’ll post up my haul, most likely Monday, because I finally have another Sample Sunday planned for you all tomorrow. Exciting isn’t it?

Wish me luck on the peeing…

Taking a small break

I’ve decided for this blog I was going to take a small break for the rest of this month. I feel like I haven’t been able to bring you quality content, and I don’t want to just phone it in on this blog. I love blogging but when it starts to stress me out and my other work begins to suffer I realize I need to step back and evaluate everything and prioritize.

My scheduling has been very off and I am taking measures to fix that, plus I have a demanding school schedule which is just going to get worse as the year goes on, I have classes this summer to so I really need to get my scheduling down.

I hope to come back kicking in March with loads of content, that is full of quality and hopefully attracts more people.

2017 Blogging Goals

So it’s 2017 and I thought I would try out some blogging goals. Blogging goals I think tend to motivate bloggers to not only post but also interact and monitor their social media. It also gives bloggers a chance to get in touch with other bloggers and work with some companies.

While there are some numbers, I don’t actually want to focus on my blog being a numbers thing. If I look at the numbers I get stressed out, then I look at other bloggers and my ‘blogging confidence’ tends to take a nose dive. Instead I want to focus on creating better content and hopefully that will attract more followers and more engagement to my blog.

  • I want to follow at least 1 new blog a week

    While your thinking why only 1 blog, why not 5 or 10. Well the answer is that I start school next week and I am looking for a part time job. I won’t have the time to follow more blogs. Plus I want to be able to read that bloggers blog posts and to comment on that bloggers posts. If I follow 1 blog a week thats 52 blogs a year, which equals to a lot of blog reading. Plus I am already following quite a few bloggers at the moment so I do read their works

  • Comment on other posts more.

    While I do read lots of blog posts, I find myself not know what to reply with. leaving a ‘Great Blog Post’ seems kinda tacky and makes it seem like I didn’t read the post and just want that person to pay attention to me. This year I am going to try to engage more, not just on blog posts either but with Twitter and instagram too. Replying to what people say. maybe start up a conversation.

  • Get more Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin Followers

    I think I’l have a goal of 700 twitter followers. I know that doesn’t seem like a lot to some people but it is to me. I won’t have a number goal for bloglovin or instagram yet, but still make sure to follow me. Also do please follow my Bookstagram and Book Blog.

  • Bring back some of my Favorite Post Series and create some new ones

    I loved doing Sample Sundays (especially since I have so many samples to use) it was really fun to do. Also I want to do more OOTD and Earring/ Jewelry OTD it gave me a chance to display what I have in my closet and to think more creatively. I am not sure what other series to create but I have some ideas.

  • Post about more Local shops and eateries.

    This will give me a chance to explore and step out of my comfort zone. Plus it gives people an Idea what Idaho is really about.

  • Work on my Blog Photography

    At my old place I didn’t have an area that I can set up my camera and have sunlight and be able to take quality pictures. Now I do and I intend to take full advantage. I’ll have to learn some some tricks and experiment but hopefully it can take my blog the step up it needs to gain attention.

Those are my goals for now it’s nothing I don’t think I can do. As long as I stay focused and dedicated and I think I can make it work and hopefully you guys can benefit with better content and engagement.

Do you have any blog goals or just life goals set?

Sometimes we need a little help from friends

Do you even have those days that you just have so much on your plate. Work is busy, somethings wrong with the cat, you need buy a baby shower gift or just plain Life is in the way and then you remember ‘Crap I forgot to write a blog post!’

I do, then I sit down to write and all my ideas just sort of fly out of my head.

On those days you may need a little help.  365 Blog Topic ideas can be helpful, I like it keeps the topics kinda vague so you can make the topic your own. I haven’t had to use the book yet, as I’m keeping it for one of those really bad days.

Have you ever used a book to get ideas for your blog?

Five Friday Faves

So glad I can do this again!

This week although very busy and tiring was filled with bright points.


Chewbacca onesie is so warm and comfortable! Early Christmas Present from my husband whom is just great!!

Had some great sushi at Onshima Japanese Grill. We said goodbye to some friends with great food and beer.


Tesla Wearing a penguin hat because she’s so cute and she makes me smile!


This is called Loteria. It’s pretty much like Bingo, but they use cards and you use pennies to cover what you get. We played with my family and it was so much fun, but also really competitive.


Mordechai finally calming down after moving. He’s being moving nonstop like a ninja for days…

Hope you have seen the brighter side of your week like I did! What did you do?


I have a Book Blog


I decided to Start a blogspot book blog. Partly because I read so many books and I don’t really think they belong here on my main site and also because I wanted to try out and see how Blogspot is compared to my wordpress.org blog. It’s called Nelms Tree Books so you know it’s me! Come and see HERE and tell me what you think?

Just an update


So I’ve recently had another trip to the hospital recently, which caused me once again to evaluate what I am doing with my life. I’ve just trying to make sure I am happy and there are certain areas in my life that I am very unhappy with so I am going to try to fix it.

This blog is one of them.

I’ve been very neglectful of this blog lately and I just really want to fix that. So today I took some time to take some pictures, and write up a couple of blog posts. I just really need to rearrange my schedule and make time to dedicate to this blog.

Another thing I’m really unhappy about is school. I haven’t really been doing well this semester and I really need to just figure things out with school.

The last thing I really need to fix is my health. It’s been declining and so I need to change things. I am only 29 and have a too many health problems. So I really need to get my act together.

So I need to make changes in my life, I need to think long and hard about how I want to live my life.



Fave new Combat Boots

So I am so sorry I have not been updating, I just got really discouraged from my website messing up and deleting almost a month worth of content. Then I got busy with my Birthday, School, going on Vacation (which I will soon post about so look out for it) plus some person stuff. but hey I’m back!

I hoped you missed me, because I missed you all!

That first part sounded kinda conceited but oh well.

I want to share with you guys a recent purchase that I am so happy I did.

2016-02-19 05.08.46

To be honest I’ve never ordered shoes or clothes off of Amazon, so I didn’t know what to expect. I had really low expectations, which I found out I shouldn’t have because I love these boots. I didn’t even have to really break them in! I wear a 8.5 so that’s what I ordered and I was worried that they would not be true to size but they definitely are.

They are so comfortable, fit like a glove on my feet, and are Vegan leather too!

The one thing that kinda bothers me is the zipper decal (which actually unzips) doesn’t go all the way around which I wish It did.

If you want to check out these boots (and maybe purchase them) you can do that HERE. They come in brown as well, which I am thinking of getting.

*These were purchased by me at a discounted price*